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work experience

  1. Jenisautistic

    History has its eyes on me (reference intended)

    Hello everyone Now that I am doing job training and learning how to work volunteer and be an intern I hope that I will be able to pave the way for people like me,for people with more significant or risky disabilities like medical stuff to have a chance and to better find a place in this world I...
  2. Beanfinity

    In the workplace - being told to work differently / slower

    This just occurred to me today, and I am even at work right now typing this up (on my morning break, not eating into work time). I don't mean this as a 'flex' as I know autistic people have trouble with their jobs, so I hope it isn't taken that way (my workplace issues have always been socially...
  3. Irakus34

    I Shouted To My Now-Former Chief

    Hi. It's been a while. Trying to cope up with a lot of feelings that are drowning me from time to time. What causes meltdowns more often. Actually, the other day I had one of the worst meltdowns I've suffered in years. Nothing was in my control. Nothing could be fixed by me. Yet, everyone...
  4. Ikarus Diary

    My Working Experience

    Hi. It's been a long time without writing in here. I have no enough free time and energy to keep active online. Indeed, I'm writing this during my working hours. It's been truly hard for me. And I guess it will continue like that for a long while. Though, I've followed several advices I got...
  5. Ikarus Diary

    All I Learned While Working Is That NT People Are So Complicated

    Hi. For the last two weeks, I've been a trainee at a psychiatric. As I mentioned in my last blog, I had to take care of a whole unit of patients managed by a nursery assistant who taught me. As they changed shifts, I had three different coworkers. And luckily they all were really nice and...
  6. Ikarus Diary

    I Can't Carry This Anymore

    Hi. The context of my situation is that I'm doing the final module of my course and it's practical training. My shift is 7 hours long every week day until June 30th. During these hours I have to wake up 16 patients, bath some of them, do beds, put breakfasts, give medication, clean the dishes...
  7. Isadoorian

    My Career Path

    I've been meaning to post this for a few days but kept forgetting until now. I'm living with my mother again (moved in in June), and after a while she suggested things I could try doing to keep myself occupied or whatever, and one of those was going to school to become a Librarian, and I've...
  8. Amy B

    Work Problems

    Hi Everyone, I am going through such a nightmare and would normally never open up about it to anyone except maybe a couple of family members. But I thought someone here may have some good advice for me and I might be able to eventually help someone else with that information, so here goes: I'm...
  9. As sweet as-pie

    Work experience

    Hi all, I'm at college and work experience is compulsary. It's in june for a week. I've been emailing places for ages now. 40 in total. I finally found a placement but I need to go in for a DBS check on tuesday and I don't think I can. I'm "high functioning" but theres like nothing I can do...
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