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  1. A

    A young girl with Autism seeking support

    Hey everyone, My name is Irsa in my twenties who's navigating life with autism. I've always believed in the power of community and connection, which is why I've decided to reach out here on Autism Forum. Living with autism has its unique challenges, and I'm sure many of you can relate. I'm...
  2. P

    Research for eating disorders in autism

    Hello everyone! (Trigger warning for discussion of eating disorders) I am currently doing a Masters in autism research and have an assignment which is a research proposal on "Improving eating disorder treatments for autistic males". I wanted to consult with the autistic community before...
  3. Au Naturel

    Interesting treatment for severe depression.

    Not all depression can be alleviated by therapy or SSRIs. It is interesting that the signals that caused depressive episodes originated in the amygdala. That's a part of the brain that deals primarily with instinctive behaviors like lust, fight or flight, fear, anger, etc. Often called the...
  4. Anaaewp

    Medicine don't work on me the way they are supposed to

    Hi, I was diagnosed with high functioning autism recently at 28 years old, and throughout my life I've been to neurologists, psychiatrists and psychologists that have tried to treat me for anxiety, social-phobia and depression, to no avail. Usually, when they try to medicate me, I end up with...
  5. M

    Help Understanding Emotions

    This blog contains information to help you improve your self-esteem and change negative or maladaptive thinking patterns to help you understand and be in control of your emotions.
  6. M

    My story - How I overcame most of my autism symptoms

    When I first signed up, people requested that I explain the story behind my username and claims I made about autism. Here it is: I was born with autistic traits. I’ve always had a slow processing speed and nonverbal impairments that made me socially awkward and made it harder to understand...
  7. S

    Impact of ADHD treatment on ASD

    Hi there ! I hope everyone is fine and safe from the virus outbreak. This is going to be a long one because it's impacting a lot of different things a different way. I'm 35, I'm still waiting for my ASD assessment. But In january I've been diagnosed with ADHD. So I'v been on Methylphenidate for...
  8. Pinkie B

    Autism and Gut Flora

    Autism symptoms replicated in mice after faecal transplants Just saw this article in the Guardian this morning. It says that an autistic fecal transplant can cause autistic symptoms in otherwise non-autistic mice. There is anecdotal evidence that it can reduce symptoms in people when...
  9. SusanLR

    Anyone tried TMS therapy?

    Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. Used to induce more neurotransmitters such as seratonin only supposedly does not give the side effects that antidepressants do. To qualify you must have a doctor that knows you have tried antidepressants but could not tolerate the side effects or they just...
  10. Luceid

    What would treatment look like for HFA?

    I recently got out of a complicated relationship with a girl and she recommended I get counseling because she thinks I'm on the Autism/Asperger's spectrum. She has a degree in counseling, which is probably why she was able to recognize symptoms in me. Her description of Asperger's made a lot of...
  11. B

    Stem Cell Treatment for Autism

    Hi there! Looking to hear from anyone who has received stem cell treatment for themselves or their loved one with autism My family is considering getting it done for my brother who is 26. He is older than most children who have received the treatment but I think it could be very beneficial...
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