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teen autism

  1. malu1ce

    Just got diagnosed. Any tips?

    I got diagnosed this week and I'd like some tips that could help me understand myself better. Do you guys keep your autism as a secret? Would you recommend me trying to unmask? How do you guys deal with executive dysfunction?
  2. Amy Stone

    Need Girl Aspie Teen Book

    I have an estranged 15 yo daughter that I believe may also have Asperger's. I would like to send her a book written from the perspective of a girl teenager. Can anyone make any recommendations? I found one book called Asperger's on the Inside which was rated highly, but when I read the excerpt...
  3. taakitz

    Can’t leave the house, what can help?

    I’m a 17 year old female who has just recently been diagnosed with aspergers and severe anxiety, so i’m trying to still figure out everything still. One of my largest problems right now is that i can’t leave the house, can’t go to school and often cancel important appointments. at least once...
  4. Greyh0und

    I'm bad at titles

    Hello everyone! Y'all can call me Grey until I work up the courage to give out my real name. I'm 17 years old and have been recently 'diagnosed' at a therapy session. I've been researching since, and have ended up here, hoping that this may be an easier way to find what I'm looking for! As a...
  5. Fly

    Aspergers teen, Hi.

    Hi, 17 years old. Kind of a complicated situation that I'm in right now. I found out about this place from a youtube video and had no idea that it even existed beforehand but now I'm here I guess. I'm currently waiting for an official aspergers diagnosis but every professional person I've spoken...
  6. Ster

    16! New here! (I love cartoons)

    Hi! I'm Ster! I joined this site to see if I can find others with common interests and meet new people. I was diagnosed with aspergers, I believe when I was 2 years old. I have friends at school, but I never really met anyone with high common interests like mine, and even though I'm incredibly...
  7. wonderingaboutlife02

    Could I have aspergers..??

    This might be long but hopefully I will get some responses. I am new here and I am a girl if that makes a difference. I have always felt different. I'll start with how I act. I do really repetitive movements like stretching my fingers and tapping and moving my hands slightly and moving my foot...
  8. J


    Hello everyone. My name is Ethan and I am fifteen years old. At age two, I was diagnosed with high-functioning Autism. I have had many troubles in my life. But, I have also realized the special and unique gift I have. About a month ago, I started a blog called The Journey Through Autism. This...
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