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  1. Jenisautistic

    three little birds cover staying positive

    happy autism acceptance month this is an example of how i feel the majority of time with my autism and other disabilities It makes me overly joyous and excited on the simplest things and I'm blissful naïve but not ignorant and like my shirt says there is no cure for being yourself it has...
  2. Joshua the Writer

    Let's write a story one sentence at a time.

    Minimum words per sentence is 4, maximum words are 20. If your sentence exceeds twenty words, put an ellipses ( . . . ) after it, and the next person has to continue it. No double-posting. Sentences that would instantly end the story such as "Then they all died" are not allowed. You can only...
  3. MaddieZabczuk

    Writing about Asperger, BPD and other mental issues

    Hey, how are you? I'm Maddie Zabczuk. It's nice to meet you. I have BPD and I love to write. One of my best friends, whom I love to death, is an Aspie, so I thought, why not try to write a story about someone like my friend? He deserves love and understanding as we all do. So because I want to...
  4. M

    My story - How I overcame most of my autism symptoms

    When I first signed up, people requested that I explain the story behind my username and claims I made about autism. Here it is: I was born with autistic traits. I’ve always had a slow processing speed and nonverbal impairments that made me socially awkward and made it harder to understand...
  5. Jenisautistic

    If you were ever bullied in school and told a teacher or principal About it

    What is the response you got? as you know I am writing a book about bullying And I would like your different experiences about telling an adult or someone you’re know that you’ve been bullied or are being bullied. in my story I am trying to show that currently there is no true/ easy answer...
  6. M

    Autism recovery story

    Bruno Bettelheim, a psychoanalyst who studied autistic children, wrote in his book "The Empty Fortress" in 1967 that children with classic autism displayed symptoms consistent with parental rejection and claimed he helped them recover from autism through purely psychological intervention. He...
  7. Sora

    Introducing myself

    Hi! You can call me Sora. I'm 18 years old, and for a while I've been suspicious that I might be autistic. If there's one thing I love is fiction (mostly fantasy), like anime, Tv shows, games, etc. Right now I'm obsessed with Boku no Hero Academia and Shadowhunters (both the Tv show and book...
  8. DiverseWonderland

    Imagining a Story/AMV

    A thing i like to do Is play a song/music i like and Imagine a story or scene going and playing out with the song/music sort of like a AMV that i am imagining and it's sort of the way I play although to someone on the outside it looks like i'm just walking in circles with headphones on but in my...
  9. DiverseWonderland

    How Imagination and Special Interests are His Motivation

    (Not written by me) Jonah wants you to know that he has Asperger’s Syndrome. Yes, he says, it has hardships but his autism comes with many strengths. One of his greatest is his imagination. He uses it in a positive, creative way to help him through day-to-day tasks or when he needs to go to a...
  10. lora hamdan

    New here (wondering who am I)

    Hi everyone. I study at the Law faculty in Belgrade (Serbia), got an Aspie boyfriend, interested in languages (apart from English, which is not my native language, I learned some French, German, Serbian and currently studying Arabic). I'm gonna turn 21 in a couple of days. I scored AQ-35, ASSQ...
  11. DaRKMsOul18

    Story Make Up

    In this game you have to make up an outrageous weird story! You have to make it wacky and make a line of story that makes the story weirder and etc, or silly. example: starter:There was once a man named Bob. player: He was a fish player 2: that had 2 brain cells. just make it stupid as...
  12. Tulipa

    It's really hard to reconsider the life

    Hi everyone I wanna tell you my story and it's hard to me, because I can't describe my feelings even to my psychologist. English is my second language, sorry for the mistakes c: I was always a soldier. I felt like one, because I have been fighting with my weaknesses. I thought everyone has hard...
  13. C

    A really embarrassing conversation...

    maybe someone may get a laugh out of this. Sooo casually sitting with my husband and Mother in law (who is VERY Catholic, and why that's important will soon be obvious) and I turn to my husband, Josh and say " will you wrap me up in a blanket like a burrito?" Trying and failing to be all...
  14. ryan1205

    Blog 1: About Me

    This is my first blog so please don't think that it's bad or trashy. Anyways, I am Ryan. I was born in Dothan, Alabama on December 5, 1997 along side my twin brother, Christian. I also have to older brothers, Rob and Mike but they live in a different state. My parents took me and my twin...
  15. Nacho

    I've just lived a 10 hour dream in 10 hour of sleep. I come here to narrate it.

    It all started with the notification of a possible explosion of an atomic bomb at the ‘centre’ of Madrid. I was in the Internet browsing things as usual and an important informative came across the news, which were being watched by my parents, that immediately informed me. Usually, the center of...
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