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I've just lived a 10 hour dream in 10 hour of sleep. I come here to narrate it.


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It all started with the notification of a possible explosion of an atomic bomb at the ‘centre’ of Madrid. I was in the Internet browsing things as usual and an important informative came across the news, which were being watched by my parents, that immediately informed me. Usually, the center of Madrid is the km 0, which is very close to where I live, but most people confuse it with where the highest towers are located, which is like 10 km away or something less. Well, Mali and Syria wanted to detonate a bomb in Madrid. I told my best Internet friend, which I’ve never seen in person, Sergio, that lives in another city in Spain, Valencia, around 300 kilometers away. This meant that he was safe, but I was not. I went to the window to look out for any news. Since the window is in the living room (the biggest one), I was with my parents, discussing various things with them and lost control of what was going on in the window for a second. Two minutes after, I looked at the window and a very vast explosion, full of fire and flames, death and fear, and a lot of black black deep fog was covering the explosion, and little subsequent explosions inside had happened. You could practically see the bomb’s explosion as a legendary mystical god, a god of fear, and somewhat seeing the souls being consumed inside it, and hear their prayers, represented as fire flames coming out of it, like the core of a machine with a very high temperature, in which you can feel the heat without even seeing it. Probably, one of the most fearful things I’ve watched, in reality, and in this dream, in my life. And I’ve seen many things. As I was saying, an atomic bomb had detonated relatively close to me. I shouted at the top of my lungs and went straight to get my phone, and my charger. –Third world problems-. For some reason, I don’t know where my cat was, in this dream, it was as if I didn’t have a cat, so I worried nothing about it. I shut down my computer –which was where I was talking to Sergio. I told Sergio that I would call him back later if something happened, but I didn’t have time to remind him of that and just shut off the computer in the rude way, the way that can damage your computer- and my parents and me ran to the door to get out of there, in hope of getting our car in time and leaving the city. We were in pyjamas, with our cellphones and some milk and water. There wasn’t time for fashion, style, patience or glamour. Before leaving, I looked at the window again, and saw that all lights had died. The house lights too. It was a nightmare. You could see a misty fog, the kind of fog that happens before the samurais were about to fight during their existence: vast, obscure and subtle. Scary and fear-loaded.


*Note that the fog I'm talking about is a bit darker than this, more thick.

Our parents and me decided to run down the stairs, since we live in a fifth floor. When we got on the ground, we noticed that the explosion was extending very fast to us and we weren’t going to make it to the car, which is on the other end of our street, in a garage. By the time we’d pull out the car out of the garage, we knew we’d have become ashes. We knew this was the end, and we couldn’t escape the bomb’s expansion speed, that was extending really fast. All explosions were destroying all the places that I had known my life: my schools, my neighborhood, even the little things I cherished in it, that were so important to me; and for a moment, I just let go. An explosion got me, but instead of just disappearing, as I thought it’d happen when I died, I was dead, but I could observe everything, as if I was a ragdoll with my eyes open ,impacting with other people that were exploding too, together with many props flying around; my mom, my dad and my grandmother were in the air, dead like me, as I came across them while flying over and below them. We dropped to the floor due to the gravity and I got propelled again by another explosion. They stayed on the floor, since they were luckier than me, but for some reason I could wave my arms and say goodbye to them, which they responded. It was a very emotional moment. At this moment, when the dead bodies of my closest family were saying goodbye to me, I knew that I was going to live something else, extraordinary. I yet didn’t know what, I didn’t know if it was in another world, dimension, or entity; but this was not the end of my existence. It was only the end of my life in the world I’ve always known.

Suddenly, I woke up. I was in the same house, my house, with my parents. Everything in the sky was clear. I thought it was just a bad dream, and I was about to get ready to do something productive with my life, as any other day, until I looked at the stars. There weren’t any. I said, what’s going on, how can’t I see Mars from here? My parents looked at me in a weird way, as if I was crazy. They asked me. What is Mars, honey?

My ears couldn’t believe what they were hearing. I quickly realized –by my experience and knowledge about these events and situations- that I was in a parallel – or sequential – universe, with the same people living on it, but with different situational events. They talked about things I’d never heard of in my entire –previous- life, but they didn’t know about Mars. I also noticed that the people I knew had different interests, as if they were the same people, I had the same bonds with them, but their personalities had completely changed. I told my parents bye and went to the street for a bit. No fear of no explosion was around my head in this moment, more like a sensation of happiness when I saw my place not reduced to ashes anymore. In the street, I came across my high school friends - that I now use to see from time to time now -. They were changed -Now they’re all doing university studies, but these people were reckless and they didn’t care about anything intellectual anymore-. I told them if they knew where Mars was, and the rest of the planets; and they said, ‘what other planets? Are you high?’
At this point, I was sure that I lived in another universe. This universe was clearly more ignorant than ours, but had some other improvements in technology. You could see that the only ‘discovered’ living thing in the Stars was the Sun, and Us.

I thought, well, this is amazing, all the knowledge I’ve obtained in university, I’m going to apply it and I’m going to be the Galileo Galilei of this époque, I’m going to tell these people that we’re in an infinitely big universe with many other clusters of stars, the moon, the periods of rotation of all of them… I want these people to know what really is going on above their heads, since they seem so oblivious about everything that doesn’t concern Earth 2. I thought to myself at that point, what I could discover on this universe, trying to look at all the differences between both worlds: they were using different models of cars, they liked different types of music –let me tell you, VERY different music, and kind of catchy in a way- and they had different pets, not cats and dogs. Some species of birds were completely new.

Then, something very interesting happened. I came across some other people that lived in Madrid when the atomic bomb detonated together with me that were probably dead in the other life. These were people I know from my university. I told them, were you in the atomic bomb? Their eyes teared up as they knew that I had also lived it, and he was not the only stranger in this new world that we were in.
But, it seemed that the more we talked about, this universe was starting to get blurrier and things were decomposing, so I deduced that it was a signal of Earth 2, somewhat similar to an x-ray wave, or an electromagnetic wave. I called this the warning wave. It told us that we COULDN’T talk about this (about Earth 1) else we wouldn’t be able to live in this world anymore.

(Maybe, in reality, this happens to some people who disappear for no reason, you never know).

Then, I told all of them to agree not to talk about this to no one or we wouldn’t be able to live here anymore and who knows where else we might get to.

Some minutes later, I went back home and tried getting my iPhone. Since I am really privileged with numbers, I know almost all the phone numbers of my friends and family. I have a really close friend in reality in Valencia, the one I talked about at the start, Sergio, which I told before that a bombing to Madrid was probable, and that I would call him back no matter what happened when I could. I knew that my friend, Sergio, was aware of the bombing in Earth 1; but I was now stuck in a world with Sergio 2, oblivious about this fact. But, I tried calling him. When I called him, I noticed that the phone number wasn’t available. I was very worried about this since I didn’t have a computer in this world, and I don’t know his address in Valencia. I started thinking about a way of trying to find him or contacting him, but the only things I had were the Internet and his mobile phone, and these two things / connections with him were now gone. I cried since he is my best friend and I was probably never going to find him again.

Then I woke up. In which universe am I?

(I'm considering writing a whole book about my experience. This was just 50 minutes writing).
What an incredible dream, Nacho!

It makes me think of two things:

1: your knowledge of being Aspie, and on the verge of an "official" diagnosis... The implications of it could change your world/mean you are in a new world

2: in light of your new romance... Nothing will ever be the same since you met her... Your world has changed and everything is different, yet still the same.

Just my thoughts. :) I wish I could remember so much detail of my dreams. I recall short clips of them. Usually the parts with intense colours or other sensory experiences.
Woah, that sounds fantastic! I strongly recommend you write a book. I write, and I gain my most valuable moments/concepts from my dreams.
You could definitely write a book about that! Possibly about finding a way back to Earth 1. A year ago I had a dream that I turned into a book this year. It's completely possible.
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