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  1. touchofthetism

    post your 2023 spotify wrapped!

    this is mine
  2. apolloidolsice

    favorite "autism" music?

    songs that either you relate to as a autistic person or are explicitly about it on the outside - oingo boingo sanitarium - metallica
  3. Vindicator Phoenix

    Do some people only "like" pop culture, to fit in?

    Many popular songs, music artists, movies, and TV shows get circulated throughout the mainstream, becoming "viral." I believe that many people don't actually appreciate the artistic quality of such media (if you could call some of it artistic, at all), and care only for how trendy they'll...
  4. Jenisautistic

    In this place called slaughter race cover A random cartoony video for you unhappy aspires

    :blush: It was a lot of fun making this and I think I went a little too overboard ha ha ... :)another video to show you an insight into my world .
  5. Jenisautistic

    i’ll make an Advocate out of you ( original song )

    Hey guys I thought I would finally share this song with You. Hope you enjoy !
  6. Jenisautistic

    Try different (the fish song ) Cover

    Son are you guys shoud here this then I decided to cover myself Love this song was hard to sing well Alot songs are the same for me do to my my memory. And the fact that at times when I speak I say phrases backwards by accident.
  7. DiverseWonderland

    Music and Music Video's that keep you going

    So does anyone have a Song or a specific Music Video that keeps you going or get's you motivated or calms you and makes you happy? One of mine is this AMV I found; I love the show and the song gets me pumped so that was a good combo, so what about you guys? Anyone have a Song or Music video...
  8. Joshua the Writer

    Always loved this

    So, this is a song called "I am a Stone." It was created by the Christian hard rock/metal band Demon Hunter. This is one of their softer songs, but, I still like it. They don't use their usual electric guitars/loud drums for this one. Here is the song: It just allows me to keep going on strong...
  9. DiverseWonderland

    Waving through a window

    Can anyone relate to a song called waving through a window? it's from a Musical called Dear Evan Hansen and it really hit me hard cause it's summarizes how it can feel to have social anxiety.
  10. Cosmophylla


    Whenever I see songs posted here on AC I always have another song pop into my head. So I decided it was high time to turn this into a game. :) I like the idea of creating a chain of songs between us all. Post a song that pops into your head in response to the previous song. We are looking...
  11. Beverly

    Let Me Hear You Sing

    This is something I do with my band when we need a new song and no one has any idea what the lyrics should be. We do it vocally of course, but it works typing too and, I think it will be a fun and interesting game here. I'll start with the first line of the first verse, the next person posts...
  12. LeroyT1000

    Favourite Current Music

    Hi just thought I would create a thread of everyone's favourite current song or songs. At the moment I love Nathan Sykes' 'Over and Over Again'. I think it's a brilliant piece of writing and he's got a great voice and he sings the song with such feeling it's great to hear and see.
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