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Always loved this

Joshua the Writer

Very Nerdy Guy, Any Pronouns
V.I.P Member
So, this is a song called "I am a Stone." It was created by the Christian hard rock/metal band Demon Hunter. This is one of their softer songs, but, I still like it. They don't use their usual electric guitars/loud drums for this one. Here is the song:
It just allows me to keep going on strong. Something about it just makes me feel like I can carry on for a bit longer, not sure what.

I am pretty sure this song allows me to remember the strength God gives me when I am weak. How the instruments sound also soothes me a bit.

Basically, this song allows me to remember this: I am strong, I can keep on going. I can do this. I can stay calm, there is nothing to be worried or anxious about.
It's beautiful, it makes me sigh out and feel relief. Especially when combined with your words.

This has always been one of my favorite things. Jesus sleeping through the storm. I just always thought it was sooo cool. Sometimes, during a turbulent time in my life I put this picture in my head and it helps me sleep knowing I'm still safe.
Christ knew that life on this plane of existence is merely a temporary one, apart perhaps from the artist who painted this picture. That our primary existence is elsewhere as an immortal soul, not bound by the limitations of a mortal existence.

It's why in this secondary plane of existence God doesn't need to save us because as immortal beings we don't really need "saving" in the first place. Just a little guidance from time to time to further our own personal evolution that is also a never-ending process.

It's precisely why I believe that bad things can happen to good people on this temporary plane of existence. That ultimately our mortal existence is just a series of positive and negative experiences we store in our immortal memories, without grief or remorse. Mortal considerations we leave behind when we "come home".
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Yeah, I don't know who did the picture - I just found the image to depict the story. I just love the thought of Jesus sleepy peacefully while everyone else is freaking out. :)
This article asks which of the people on the boat your own behavior is like.
This relates to a Rembrandt painting of the same story.
With Jesus in the Storm: Rembrandt's Meditation - Soul Shepherding


"In Rembrandt’s painting each of the people with Jesus in the boat has their own reaction to the storm. It’s something like the different roles that people play in a family, church, or other group. (Sometimes, particularly under stress, people’s roles and reactions may be very dysfunctional!) Which person do you most identify with? (In different situations or at different times in your life you might find that you have a different reaction.)
On Top

The man in the bow of the ship is on top, riding the huge wave. He’s a leader and a professional fisherman who is focused on his work earnestly trimming the front sail. Perhaps it’s an adventure for him. Or maybe he’s just working hard at his job.

Fixing the Problem
Three of the men (probably experienced fisherman also) are at the mast working frantically to fix the main sail. The gale winds have ripped it and snapped the metal wire so that the boom is disconnected from the mast.

Barely Hanging On!
The huge wave is pounding the man on the left in the middle and he is hanging on to a guy wire for dear life!

Most of the crew seem afraid, but especially the man on the right side of the boat. He is crouched over and looking with dread at the enormous wave that is swamping the boat. We can almost feel him trembling with anxiety.

On the lower left in back is a distressed man with his hand on his forehead and leaning over the side of the boat. It seems he’s about to throw up.

Angry at God
Two disciples appear angry at Jesus for sleeping in their storm. One shakes him awake and the other raises his voice, “Teacher! Don’t you care if we drown!”

Quiet and Alone
On the lower left of the boat is a man in white that is easy to miss. His back is faced to us. He’s sitting still and alone. He seems to be separated from the frightening storm and the chaos going on around him in the boat. There seems to be a shadowy figure that he’s looking at. Is he having a vision? Is it an angel?

A man in a blue shirt on the left side of the boat near the back is standing and holding onto a guy wire. His other hand is on his forehead as he stares blankly out at the dark sea. Maybe he’s flooded with emotion and shut down. It almost seems he is looking to us. He’s close to Jesus but he’s not looking at him.

Worshipping the Lord
No one is looking at Jesus, except the two angry disciples and the disciple kneeling at Jesus’ feet. Only the kneeling disciple is looking at Jesus with trust and reverence. Rembrandt has painted a halo on this disciple’s head to signify his faith in the Lord Jesus in the midst of the terrible storm.

At the Helm
There is one more person in the boat with Jesus. In the stern, at the very back, is the disciple at the helm, holding the tiller. He must be another experienced fisherman because he’s in charge of the boat. Perhaps this is Peter. He’s certainly a leader... He is responsible to guide the boat’s course and instruct the crew on what they need to do. Maybe his hands are tightly gripping the tiller because he’s been straining to keep control of the boat? Maybe now he’s just holding the tiller because he sees his friend kneeling and his attention has been drawn to Christ the Lord?"

The article includes a directed meditation on the meaning of the painting.

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