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  1. Nervous Rex

    I use rules to understand the world. What framework do you use?

    I have commented before that I think that NTs in society are like native English-speakers - they follow all the rules of English without necessarily knowing what they are. In this analogy, I'm not a native English speaker, so I either need someone to tell me the rules or I need to figure them...
  2. G

    Are we vital to society?

    Several people have said it, even Hans Asperger, though he also said something along the lines of “though unfortunately, the ills outweigh the benefits,” whatever that means. Is our existence important for society’s wellbeing? I do not doubt that we can contribute a lot to society, and probably...
  3. O

    How do you deal with [opinion] overwhelm?

    I've been really overwhelmed with the whole world and its problems lately. I'm studying philosophy for university entrance exams and slowly realized that things are not black-and-white and there are many correct ways to view the world. I'm not exactly overwhelmed or scared of various topics and...
  4. onlything

    Individuality in society

    Yesterday I went for an exhibition in one of the museums in the city. One of the showpieces was a video booth showing the changes that happened in people over the years in a kind of social experiment. For every person, there were two 10 to 20 second videos: the first one from when they were...
  5. Ameriblush

    How were "refrigerator moms" treated by society when this theory was popular?

    I recently delved a bit more into the abandoned theory from the 1940s that autism was somehow caused by mothers being distant and uncaring by their children. It's a messed up theory, and I can only imagine the torment the parents went through by their community. I feel like there are even...
  6. M

    Bolting from church

    Today my mother wanted to go to church to pray for a specific intention, so I offered to go with her. We waited for several minutes before the Mass began, but the social stress was too much for me to handle, so I had to leave. I told her I would walk home, but she offered to leave with me...
  7. T

    Has the social climate gotten worse for us over the past decade?

    This is my question; has anyone else felt like there's been a deleterious shift in the society's general attitude toward people like us over the past decade or so? Here's a bit of my story - forgive me if it's a little inchoate or disjointed, I'm terribly depressed: It seems like it used to be...
  8. M

    Scapegoating and Autism

    Recently have come to realize that being scapegoated by society and family is somewhat common for people on the spectrum. From school shootings and the media's reporting of such sad occurrences, it's as if society as whole looks for evidence of some dysfunction and attributes the problem to...
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