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  1. Rold

    Seeking autism-friendly help with making conversation/socializing irl

    Hello! I'm Rold. I need resources and/or advice on how to start and hold conversations with people I don't know. Following years of isolation due to sickness keeping me stuck at home, I am now healing and able to get out, and I desperately need to make connections with other people in person...
  2. M

    What annoys you the most about people in general?

    I mainly have 2 questions: 1. What are 1 to 3 things about people in general that annoy you the most? 2. If you're comfortable explaining, why do those things annoy you? Please be brief. I have executive dysfunction and can't process lengthy responses so I'd have to ignore them and don't want...
  3. G

    Going to be in a social experience tomorrow, advice?

    Tomorrow, I plan on going to my local farmers’ market, both to buy things and to make connections with farmers and ideally, maybe even find someways to obtain farming work and experience. I’m a bit nervous about this, does anyone have any advice? I have been practicing a bit with body posture.
  4. Chris Russell (The Talentless Liar) Blog

    Abused Amoebas and Career Correlations (First published Nov 2017)

    I was reading an excerpt from a zoological textbook the other day about the reactions of different types of amoeba to stimulus. (Yes - this is the sort of thing you will find in my web surfing history. Shut up.) It seems that amoeba, generally, rarely move because of a positive stimulus...
  5. Peatsmoke

    What makes you bolt (or want to bolt)?

    Bolting, or the urge to bolt, seems to be pretty common for Auties in general. I'm not sure of the "official" definition, but I mean the urge to get away from a social situation or public place as fast as possible, to go somewhere safer (usually quieter, calmer, more familiar, more alone). I...
  6. LeroyT1000

    Eating Out

    From time to time we all have to venture out for food with other people or on your own. Sometimes we might enjoy doing this. Anyway, I'm interested in what you find annoying when you go out for something to eat? It could be to do with absolutely anything. The staff; the people surrounding...
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