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  1. jleeb05

    Unusual Smell/Sensory Preferences?

    I've read a lot on the internet and on this forum about people on the spectrum being hypersensitive to certain smells. For me, it seems like the opposite. While there are, of course, certain odors that I don't like, I feel that I have a fairly weak sense of smell. I also seem to enjoy smells...
  2. Daydreamer

    How quickly do your eyes adjust?

    I've noticed that I can easily go between dark environments and light ones. People thought I was a little strange (along with other reasons) as a result back in secondary / high school. I remember on several occasions sitting in a classroom after watching a long presentation or a movie and the...
  3. S

    Sensory Sensitivity and chosen loud music

    Hi, I have read in a few places on the internet that individuals with autism are able to listen to loud music of their choice with headphones and i am one of them but the sensation of too much talking or too many noises that are unpredictable causes me to have sensory overload and causes me to...
  4. Gummi27

    Sleep Items / Materials

    Hello. I have a blanket I've had since I was two years of age that I can't seem to sleep without. It has the perfect texture to it and doesn't get too hot. No matter where I go or what bed I sleep in, blanky is always there with me under the covers. I'm pretty tiny, so it covers most of my...
  5. J

    This is kind of embarrassing, but I don't really know what I'm supposed to feel

    So... I recently went to a self-defense workshop that was 3 and 1/2 hours long. You weren't allowed to wear tanktops, just T-shirts. We worked in groups of three and there were lots of people in a small-ish gym/dojo. I was getting along really well with my group and at the end I was putting my...
  6. A

    Paper and other Sensory Issues

    I am currently awaiting diagnosis after getting tested last week. I am finding out the results on Wednesday, so please have me in your thoughts. The real reason I am writing this is because I have a question. My senses seem to be a super high level. For example, I was in church today and was...
  7. Cogs Of My Cranium

    Are we blind?

    i know this is a tad dramatic but if something like 80% (probably more) of communication is non verbal and we can't see it or have a great deal of trouble seeing it, is it fair to say we are visually impaired? Or is it that we do see it but have trouble processing it? It would be cool if someone...
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