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  1. F

    Forming/maintaining routines?

    I am a teenaged, self diagnosed, "high functioning" autistic girl. I'm not certain that I have autism, but I do have good reason to believe it. I Cannot. Maintain. Routines. I try and I fail and I try again and I fail again. I've had every app out there, paper checklists, journals; the works...
  2. jleeb05

    My brain had a 522 error

    When I woke up this morning, I went through my usual routine of checking my emails, social media, etc. I tried to load this forum and there was a 522 error. Something about trouble connecting to the server? I assume others had the same issue. Not a big deal. I should just give it a few hours...
  3. ASD_Geek

    Eating Habits

    I have a question for the community. Whenever I am eating anything that has a meat entree, and either rice, pasta, or vegetables with it, when I get closer to the end of the meal, I divide up the meat into 4 different pieces and try to divide the noodles, etc. into portions with each piece...
  4. Jenisautistic

    Do you have a routine? what is your morning and night routine look like?

    Mine varies... I usually get up eat breakfast take a shower watch videos or listen to music clean up a bit and get ready for the day and if I'm going out I usually would go out after if not I just do what ever needs to be done inside. at night I get home if I went out and go on YouTube...
  5. Jenisautistic

    Just some random updates

    Hey everyone it’s me Jennifer please don’t feel obligated to answer any questions I may have in this video I just want to talk randomly and share some updates with you If you want to share your thoughts on this update as well or any thoughts you might have it’s welcome as well Just a...
  6. C

    Need advice from Aspies about my son

    My 12 year old Aspie son has a routine every morning before he goes to school. He needs 3 hours to complete his list until he leaves the house precisely at 7:06. He created this for himself and it works very well for him. This morning though, he slept through his alarm and panicked like I’ve...
  7. Jenisautistic

    My night routine :)

    Hey guys here’s what I do during the night .:blush:
  8. Jenisautistic

    My morning routine

    Hey everyone I always wanted to do a morning routine video so here it is. i want to thank everyone who helped me on my previous post. these are things I'm trying to incorporate into a daily routine.
  9. Daydreamer

    The Umbrella.

    Every so often I form fairly minor habits that repeat a significant amount of times, and aren't always easy to break. I don't always want to break them, since they can be comforting. One that I used to have involved an umbrella. It was a small hand-held one that had a strap you could wrap...
  10. 2

    My relationship with food

    I'm writing this to find maybe someone who has had similar experiences. About 10 years ago I developed full blown anorexia. Lost 15kg and couldn't stop. Got "high" from losing weight and eating "healthy" (I never totally starved, just ate light). In few years time I managed to get it under...
  11. Finding the sweet spots in life.

    What are your triggers?

    Learning triggers that help avoid emotionally fueled meltdowns is a win-win for everyone. Before learning them I'd react to everything. People would often be scratching their heads wondering what had happen. Most of my triggers go into alert when some sort of social interaction is planned to...
  12. Peacelily76

    An email every day

    I have a fab Aspie friend who has inspired me to learn about Autism and Asperger's. I'm NT but I realised my dad has Asperger's through learning about my friend and overcoming some acute misunderstandings. I think he has alexithymia too so I accommodate his condition by being his emapthetic...
  13. U

    Changing routine to adapt to life's demands

    I read a lot. At least I prefer to. I have a ton of books from volunteering at the library. My normal reading time, according to the routine I've settled into, is late in the afternoon. Unfortunately my part-time retail job often makes doing it at that time impossible (though I have three days...
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