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  1. S

    The Art Remix Thread!

  2. Rodafina

    Black and White

    I’m constantly reminded that my black and white thinking is wrong. But, in art, it feels pretty right. Pelicans (I didn’t know they were pelicans, actually, thank you to those in the comments who identified them.) Santa Cruz Breakwater, California, USA. Somewhere in Utah, I think pretty...
  3. A

    Everybody's Photography Thread

    Does anyone else here enjoy photography? I am by no means a professional, but it´s something I enjoy. Here are some photographs I´ve shared: https://pixabay.com/users/akiroq-2665063/ I´ve shared them for anyone to be able to enjoy and use, even for commercial use. I´d love to see some of yours!
  4. Rotundi

    What's your talent?

    I'm great with clay sculpting, but not too good with drawing. Recently started watercolor painting and toy photography. What are your talents and what projects are you currently working on?
  5. Bolletje

    Underwater Photographer of the Year

    Just thought I’d share this here. It’s a gallery of winners and runners up in an underwater photography contest. There are a lot of beautiful images in there. I’ll share a few of my favorites, but I highly recommended checking out the gallery if you’re at all interested in photography or nature...
  6. D

    Hello my new Tribe!

    I was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism last year. I’m 27 years old , work full time as a lead designer for a Apparel brand, and love anything creative. I recently went to one of my therapy sessions where I was encouraged to join a forum to meet people in a similar boat I’m in. Now I’m...
  7. B

    Novice Here

    Greetings, Once upon a time when I had friends they called me JT. I am a male 65 years of age and retired living in a region of the US that I disdain and refuse to call home. Contemporary society has molded me into a highly cynical recluse. Because of my Asperger’s traits I have developed an...
  8. Emzical

    What We Eat - Autism and Food

    Hi I’m really interested for (artistic purposes) in what people with Autism eat. For my project, I am asking for photos of a meal you are eating from birds eye view, so it would be looking down onto your plates and bowls. It would be great if the background was white, so the food really stood...
  9. Crossbreed

    FYI, Doll & Figure Photographers...

    See my thread about FaceApp.
  10. Write, Rinse, Repeat

    Write, Rinse, Repeat

    I write to express what I cannot express any other way. I've never been much of a conversationalist, and writing allows me to revise until I finally manage to come close to expressing what's inside me. Included within the posts in this blog will be-- grocery lists bits of poetry quotes lyrics...
  11. Sherlock77

    Hello from Calgary

    From my signature... Been doing some exploring of myself lately, based on a conversation or two or three... Starting to think there's a very good chance I have Asperger Syndrome... Took the Cambridge AQ online test tonight and scored 32... Maybe... Haven't verified anything yet...
  12. Showboat.


    Spring Robin taking in some light
  13. Stone Path.

    Stone Path.

    An area people enjoy walking, riding bikes, finding peace (or looking for it). Few years back during record heat.
  14. Mike Stouffer

    The Lens

    I've been uncomfortable around others my entire life. Have used the camera as a barrier between others and myself. Earplugs that are blue putty like, and off camera I go. Because of something being uncomfortable doesn't mean one has to stop enjoying the life around us. It's when we deal with the...
  15. European Goldfinch Couple

    European Goldfinch Couple

    A European goldfinch couple (female top, male bottom) in Môtier, Haut-Vully.
  16. White Wagtail

    White Wagtail

    A White wagtail (Motacilla alba) in La Sauge, Cudrefin.
  17. Kingfisher Couple

    Kingfisher Couple

    A male (left) and a female (right) Common kingfisher (Alcedo atthis) in La Sauge, Cudrefin.
  18. House Sparrow

    House Sparrow

    A male House sparrow (Passer domesticus) in Môtier, Haut-Vully.
  19. The Penguin

    Stop Motion Photography

    After creating time-laspe video building a Lego set as noted in my post, Time-lapse Photography, I decided the next project to explore stop motion photography. The first project was building an Star Wars puzzle of Kylo Ren. It is a lot of work doing this alone moving one piece, take a picture...
  20. The Penguin

    Time-lapse Photography

    I find time-lapse photography is an interesting method showcasing what happen during a period of time. I'm curious to hear about those who have experience with time-lapse photography? My first experiment was capturing a hobby train show 5 years ago of people setting up their display over 4...
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