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  1. AutisticMilly

    Milly’s Painting Thread

    A thread for posting my paintings and other artwork, for anyone who’s interested. I plan on updating this as I finish new pieces. My house has terrible lighting, so some photos may not turn out the best. As a disclaimer, a lot of my paintings are cartoon and anime themed, and some are based on...
  2. Nervous Rex

    I need your crafting expertise to fix a problem with buckyballs

    I know a lot of people here do lots of different arts and crafts. I'm hoping maybe you have some suggestions. So, I have a lot of buckyballs (small magnetic balls, like these). I love to fidget with them and I make all sorts of geometric shapes with them. I had a bunch in different colors, but...
  3. S

    How did you get started drawing / painting?

    I pulled out my tablet and tried to sketch some stuff out and realized I have the drawing talent of a 3-year-old. So, uhh, how did you learn to make things that actually look pretty plausible? I can use any tips and examples I can get. And I'd also love to hear stories about how you got started...
  4. AutisticMilly

    Panel Paintings

    Decided to post some newer projects here. Recently, I’ve been seeing people doing paintings of anime and cartoon characters on pieces of glass or acrylic panels. I decided to give it a try, and this is the result. I think they turned out pretty well. I’m not much of a painter, but still...
  5. Amy Stone

    Who else is into painting fine art?

    Just wondering if anyone else out there enjoys painting and if you are interested in chatting about painting and mediums! Attached are a couple of my pieces and a little about my art. Share yours and tell what you enjoy painting and if you are a professional or hobbyist and anything else! I do...
  6. Pitbull commission

    Pitbull commission

    This is an 18 x 20 oil painting I completed a couple months ago as a commission for a friend of mine. I posted this in my introductory thread when asked about my art but wanted to upload it to a media collection too. I'll be slowly adding my past and current artwork to my media album over time!
  7. Rotundi

    What's your talent?

    I'm great with clay sculpting, but not too good with drawing. Recently started watercolor painting and toy photography. What are your talents and what projects are you currently working on?
  8. Bolletje

    Drawing/painting challenge

    Hi guys and gals! To keep ourselves entertained during these times of quarantine, I would like to propose a new challenge. I name a subject, and the next poster makes a painting/drawing/doodle/cartoon of said subject. It doesn’t have to be high quality or super artistic. Then he/she names a new...
  9. A

    My Art

    I have been making artwork my entire life and now I take AP art in high school. It's so much fun! I recently made a website to show off my art and I want to sell it after I graduate. Here is the link: ARYANNA HORAN ART
  10. xudo

    Student Makes a NSFW Art Piece Depicting Aftermath of Sexual Assault

    I saw this story yesterday, and the piece that she made is strangely beautiful to me, and also really powerful. I'll post the link, rather than the piece itself, in case there's anyone who doesn't want to see it. To be completely honest (in case you're worried about clicking the link) it is...
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