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newly diagnosed

  1. A

    Embrace Autism - resources for newly diagnosed 2024-04-22

    Embrace Autism is a programme of support aimed towards autistic adults who are looking to explore their autistic identity and learn how to navigate life post diagnosis (formal or self-diagnosis). Participants can attend an online series of six group sessions, where up to 10 autistic adults...
  2. A

    Newly Diagnosed - how did you respond (to yourself and those around)?

    I am recently diagnosed and am coming to an acceptance of this as part of who I am. How have folks adapted yourself to this news a) in relation to how you have understood the world and interpreted it. Have you taken more time to consider things. how have you taken the way ASD is for you into...
  3. An Arctic fox

    Just got diagnosed

    So i just got diagnosed, yesterday. The autism diagnosis feels weird even though I pursued it. My friend also thinks I'm faking autism and recently started accepting it might be true (they also think in faking other things and just try things I research on (I like psychology)) but what if I am...
  4. BeachLife

    Shut down all day without realizing it

    Hi all, Ive had a strange day today. Quite newly diagnosed, still navigating in many ways. Yesterday I followed an ultra creative urge to just make art for the sake of it, and the release/enjoyment without worrying about what it turns out like. I noticed that often when I'm being creative I get...
  5. stratocaster

    Hi! I’m Henry

    As the title says, my name is Henry and I’m new to this forum. I’m a recently diagnosed college student from the US and I’m excited to participate in discussions with people of the same neurotype. My special interests are Star Wars and genetics, and I’m actually studying to become a geneticist...
  6. BeachLife

    I see "too much" detail

    Hi all, After recent diagnosis, I have a deeper awareness of aspects of myself . It is still like a mystery unfolding. I have been thinking a lot about hyper focus. I have seem to cause negative interpretions of my personality and annoying, upsetting or even angering people by including...
  7. Highway Cowboy

    What do i do now?

    Hi guys, recently diagnosed Aspergers, age 46. I'm a HGV Driver. High functioning autism /Aspergers. What am I supposed to do after diagnosis? I'm not looking for any benefits or anything like that.. Just wondered what I'm supposed to do now. Paid a fortune for private diagnosis cos NHS told...
  8. Lady Penelope

    Thinking I've found my people...

    Ummm..hello? I've recently concluded I have aspergers. I wasn't sure at first cos i read mainly the male attributes. Then i researched asperger adult women and ... wow. It was like an autobiography. Effing scary but comforting simultaneously. Now i know why i am the way i am...but what to...
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