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  1. D'Andre

    Growing up Fatherless

    How does fatherlessness affect an ASD person? I had an amazing mom, but I took it extremely hard...sort of like tumbling through life blindfolded. I'd so many around me recovering and being successful, building families, just very content. I'm stuck, like somebody said wait here for...
  2. LadyS

    Poll: Preference of Identity terms

    Apologies if this has been done before. Just curious if everyone has an Autism term they prefer to identify with. Just wanted to note, I'm not suggesting that the term IS your identity, but more of a generalized descriptive term.
  3. Joshua the Writer

    My Thoughts as An Autistic Queer Person

    I feel like my Neurodivergency and Queerness is linked. My Queerness is Autistic, and my Autisticness is Queer. Because of this, I am going to add Autigender as a label to describe my gender ID. Autism strongly effects my gender identity, so my gender identity is Autistic. I am Autigender. Don't...
  4. J

    Study: Gender, autism in adulthood and presenting as 'normal' (interview-based)

    Hi! I'm non-binary, asexual and autistic (I was diagnosed aged 21). Starting from my own experiences, I'm now carrying out research on autistic women, trans and NB people’s experiences of presenting as socially ‘normal’ - particularly focused on exploring how this intersects with gender. The...
  5. Joshua the Writer

    Grandparents Insulted & Disrespected my Identity

    My grandparents (my Dad's parents), a couple days ago, said that I CAN'T identify as Autistic. I'm not sure how this convo came up anymore, but they said, "well, most people with Autism can't/don't talk" "you don't have sensory issues" "you are only pretending" "you don't have motor development...
  6. Joshua the Writer

    Am I Going Through an Identity Crisis?

    I don't understand myself as well as I thought I did. I don't think I know myself as well as I thought I did. I thought I knew everything about myself and I thought I understood myself entirely, but, now I feel like that is not the case anymore. It might be related to being young, but, I am not...
  7. DesertRose

    To just disappear

    Have you ever wanted to delete yourself from the entire internet? Delete every post you've ever made, all facebook, twitter, all of it, like you never existed? I have, several times, and actually deleted Facebook, and tried to delete everything else. I've been dx with a major depressive...
  8. When the Rain Comes

    When the Rain Comes

    It's never made sense to me why the hardest question for me to answer has always been "Who am I?" You'd think that would be quite a simple thing, but I've found it to be incredibly difficult, complex, confusing and frustrating to even attempt to answer. Perhaps it's because the question is...
  9. P

    I’ve become timid and passive

    I believe that having Asperger’s has made me timid and passive. I do not in my heart want to be this way. I was bolder as a younger person and still show flashes of boldness. However, when you experience enough failure and rejection as many aspies do, it pressures you into a more timid approach...
  10. kbb0

    Hello! Feeling a bit unsure of myself

    Hi everyone! My therapist of one year suggested that I might have Aspergers a couple days ago and after doing some research I think she might be right. Ever since then I have been feeling like I don't know who I am anymore, even though obviously nothing has changed. I have been diagnosed and...
  11. Cogs Of My Cranium


    I'm 32 and I still feel like my life has no definition or identity. I haven't worked in years and my hobbies are not as strong as they used to be. I actually feel I'm losing myself rather than getting a stronger sense of self. Has anyone else felt like this and what did you do to begin a process...
  12. R

    Autism and self identity research - online survey

    Hi there, We are looking for people with Autism to complete about 15-20 minutes worth of questionnaires for our research into self identity in people with Autism. We were just wondering if anyone who uses this forum would be interested in completing these questionnaires? Here is the link to...
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