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  1. D

    New dog's chewing things up

    Hi. I recently adopted a new dog, and it turns out she like to chew on things. The place I live is rural, and the yard is open. Ana (my new dog) and some other dogs roam freely, but now a neighbor called my dad because apparently Ana chewed on some of his car's cables. I was sceptical at first...
  2. Roxiee

    I've done ok

    Hi guys, I'm back! But I have been having a rubbish time, my daughter is fine! But I wish I was! Lol. I had time to myself as that was needed, I took time out when I needed it but I did self harm. I was suicidal so got put into hospital but I didn't need surgery for my self harm thankfully...
  3. Jorg

    Dog with possible cancer right now

    Uuggghhhhh I'm starting to feel desperate, It was supposed this year I would graduate from university and get a job but with Covid19 the clases got suspended since like a month ago and they are still suspended at least until April 30th. This week I felt a small hard lump in my Golden...
  4. M

    Playing with cats and dogs?

    After he rolled in catnip and played in a cardboard box, he joined in for the first time ever with toys and a feather on a long pole. He didn't know how for two years, he seemed afraid and hid. Now, after watching me play with my two other cats he's learned how and seems to like to. Do you play...
  5. Highway Cowboy

    A New Puppy in the house

    We have just got the most beautiful little 12 week old tiny Yorkshire Terrier puppy. We got it mainly as a calming influence for our 10 year old daughter who has Autism and suffers from anxiety and panic attacks. I myself have Aspergers and although the dog is lovely and sweet and is really...
  6. S

    What is the best kind of dog for an autistic person?

    So I like to get a dog one day a large breed I can't have one right now cuz it where I live the top two breed I want is either I want Rottweiler or Golden Retriever I'm sure some of you might have heard the story about the autistic boy who had a Golden Retriever as a service dog almost...
  7. Jorg

    Problem taking care of my brother's puppy

    As the title says, I'm starting to have a problem taking care of her. And my mother and other brother too. The 4month old puppy fell from a 3rd floor last friday and luckily only fractured her pelvis. As my brother and his girlfriend work on day and live 40miles away from our house they asked...
  8. Ameriblush

    I Found A Dog Breeds Wiki!

    I noticed that there was a distinct lack of a true dog wiki out there in the style of the FANDOM Wikia website. I found a wiki that has been dead for 3 years now, and I decided to take it upon myself to make it active again!!! I'm not sure if this is proper place to go, but I'm willing to ask...
  9. Butterfly88

    Dog with cleft lip lingered in shelter, gets new life as therapy pet

    Dog with cleft lip lingered in shelter, gets new life as therapy pet So nice to hear there was a happy ending.
  10. Butterfly88

    What's Your Dog's True Name?

    My dog would be Queen Farts-a-lot, though she really doesn't fart all that much.
  11. Ste11aeres

    Dog Lovers: Do you love a breed which is not for everyone?

    http://www.realpitbull.com/notforeveryone.html Taken from the website linked above: Studying breed trends over the course of the 20th century, there is a clear pattern that shows popularity for any breed is extremely detrimental. Popularity manifests itself in a variety of problematic ways...
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