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  1. AngelaS267

    Doctors Ignoring Women's Problems.

    So I had to talk to a psychiatrist this morning about my depression. This has been a huge step for me. This is the first time in my life that I've ever gotten help from professionals with my anxiety and depression. I am very grateful, and happy to be getting this help. However, I have noticed...
  2. Jenisautistic

    Hi Another update

    Hey everyone I just want to make this a quick update Just to say I’m doing OK I’ve been going on trips in my special-needs recreation program and hang out with a friend of mine I’m still waiting on getting services however I pretty much have got eligibility I’ve been seeing a...
  3. Stan Z.

    Is it possible for doctors to not detect any signs of Asperger's/autism in babies or toddlers?

    Or was I an exception? When I was younger (maybe around 5-11years old), I did some pretty unconventional things. I intentionally cut my left ear lobe with scissors during class in pre-K because I didn't know better (thankfully, it healed), I joked about the word "sex" in third grade even though...
  4. S

    Is this me?

    This is me, and what has lead me to this forum.. I have felt different since childhood. Overly sensitive to life. Hyper aware in any social situation. Awkward or inadequate feeling. When it came to social anything, my anxieties were to the point of physical illness. They have become worse as of...
  5. Mr Allen

    Should Aspies/Autistics get priority at the Doctor's?

    Topic. I've been suffering with a chest infection all week, went up the Doctor's on Tuesday and I'm now on Anti-Biotic tablets till tomorrow. However these tablets have given me Diahorrea, or simply, the runs! I've rung the local Surgery this afternoon after Googling their website and phone...
  6. AshleyDS

    Aspie, or just screwed?

    So I saw my psychiatrist on Thursday, I have been seeing him for 6 years. He says he doesn't think I'm on the spectrum but thinks I have the following: - Borderline Personality Disorder - Dysthimic Disorder - Alexethemia - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder...
  7. Geoo98


    I went to the doctors yesterday to start the process of getting a formal diagnosis but I got stuck pretty much straight away and couldn't talk because I was on my own. It was horrible. When I finally managed to talk properly he told me that there's no one he can refer me to so now I really don't...
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