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Aspie, or just screwed?

So I saw my psychiatrist on Thursday, I have been seeing him for 6 years.

He says he doesn't think I'm on the spectrum but thinks I have the following:

- Borderline Personality Disorder
- Dysthimic Disorder
- Alexethemia
- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
- Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder
- Eating Disorder (not otherwise specified)
- Chronic Generalized Anxiety Disorder
- Social Phobia

I have a hard time believing that all my issues are 8 independent psychiatric conditions rather than the one neurologic disorder. He agreed to send me to a specialist for full day testing and evaluation; I go early September.

For now he has put me on Dexedrine Spansules. Not sure how I feel about them. I definitely have 5% more energy, but that's about all the difference I notice.

Is it bad I hope I have ASD? If I have ASD, I feel like I have permission to be myself, but if it's all psychiatric, I'm afraid I'm in for meds and therapies with people trying to "fix" me for the rest of my life.

I hate this. I wish regardless of the answer I could just live my life - but between society and the mental obstacles I constantly erect for myself... I just can't.


Never a bad thing to hope. Just understand the diagnosis may change little. I sought such a proper diagnosis myself to move on with my life; but when I had it, nothing changed. I think what I was looking for was the solution (way out) rather than the answer, like the loaded question 'what am I'.

And no matter what diagnosis, always try to be you :).

On the medical side:
Females can present ASD differently than males. It can make proper diagnosis harder.
I have had symptoms of the following at various points in my life:

- Borderline Personality Disorder
- Dysthimic Disorder
- Alexethemia
- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
- Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder
- Chronic Generalized Anxiety Disorder
- Social Phobia

Although I was only diagnosed with the Social Phobia/ Generalized Anxiety... I have had symptoms of all the others. With courage and belief in myself I have managed to address all of them to a large extent, still working of the social phobia though.
!!!but what should be noted is that Psychiatrists/psychologist are not experienced in life in their own professional lives to witness INTJ/INTP intellectual autistic people...so they are under the impression that autistic people are weird/underperforming/abnormal...So they believe they are not able to diagnose you as that, because their own personal experiences do not support the argument for it... but they often do not see the interlinking connections between diagnoses/psychoses...and since they themselves are not deep people they do not cognitively link them...

Anxiety and depression are a result of being Autistic and society not accepting you for who you are...by society, I mean it could be family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues or any group/s of people or events.... Our anxieties result in OCD as a way to cope/feel safe... our fears when not addressed result in depression, to which we can even forget the cause of the events because we are so used to it...
You are just a normal girl...that went through tough times(like all of us), and you have had a different personality to Neurotypicals (eccentric/creative)

You are most likely autistic, but extremely intellectual, superior to normal people in depth, and all your problems or diagnoses resulted from an autistic person trying to adapt and fit in with an unforgiving/hard hearted society which is not accepting/accomodating and even sometimes plain right evil...but you yourself are perfect... You are a normal girl... and yes I believe you have Aspergers but that is okay, some of the greatest people that have ever lived...are like you... and they were important, and so are you... your destiny resides in the beliefs you have of yourself...not of other peoples expectations or diagnoses...

You can overcome anything... I believe in you...and everyone else on this forum (mostly...lol always exceptions) believes in you
I am a Aspie with Borderline, which was caused by bullying which was caused by Aspie....
I am a Aspie with Borderline, which was caused by bullying which was caused by Aspie....
I think my bpd is accurate - caused by my father molesting me, my mom getting ALS and dying and then being bullied for being too abrasive and obnoxious (hopefully ASD rather than me just being weird and rude)

I am a Aspie with Borderline, which was caused by bullying which was caused by Aspie....
ASD isnt just being weird and rude it is more like wanting to torture every feeling being to death
My boyfriend got diagnosed with it after skinning a dog alive
I am a Aspie with Borderline, which was caused by bullying which was caused by Aspie....
Yeah - my doctor put my on high dose seroquel to deal with my feelings... don't know why he though it was a good idea to put me on stimulants on top of depressants
Most psychiatrists choose that line of work because they want to work on their own problems or those of someone close to them. They also do it for the money.

Your shrink could be a rare exception, but you do not have to believe eveything he says. It may be possible to learn more than he knows about your own problems. Do not let him push you around.

Take care of yourself and hang on. Things will get better.

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