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  1. G

    Museum Experience Survey

    Hi everyone! My research team and I are conducting a study which focuses on improving the experience of museums for autistic adults. The survey should only take about 5 minutes and your responses will be anonymized. If you are interested this is the link...
  2. S

    That Sound Design Thread!

    I figured, since there's an art remix thread... why not have an audio version? (This is not the same thing as posting full songs! There's a great thread for that already :)) Anyone can post their audio experiments (analog, digital, even just field recordings), offer up samples for others to...
  3. Sid Delicious

    Is anyone good at designing basic combat systems for RPG style games?

    I'm working on a hobby game with a few other developers and artists. We've got most of it covered, but our combat system lacks much detail (other than character A whacks character B and causes n damage, then character B whacks character A and causes n damage). Our original system was far too...
  4. Joshua the Writer

    Journalism Sites are Poorly Designed

    When I was looking through this thread, somebody posted a link to an article from the New Your Times related to the subject. However, when I clicked on this article, I saw this mess . . . Yup, that is a white mass that covers more than half the webpage yelling at me to sign in. I no longer...
  5. Aneka

    Easy designing tool?

    I have no idea about digital arts, but I'm interested in learning. For now I intend to create art similar like the thumbnail at the bottom of my post. I only have gimp on my laptop and it's so confusing. I'm decent in traditional arts. I've been thinking about scanning drawings and paintings...
  6. D

    Hello my new Tribe!

    I was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism last year. I’m 27 years old , work full time as a lead designer for a Apparel brand, and love anything creative. I recently went to one of my therapy sessions where I was encouraged to join a forum to meet people in a similar boat I’m in. Now I’m...
  7. Daydreamer

    What advice would you give to someone looking for a job?

    In particular in the design industry, but more general advice is welcome. Once had an interview and got stumped on one question in particular. "What has been your greatest sacrifice in life so far?" Surprisingly deep question for an unpaid internship position, it threw me off completely and I...
  8. Jorg

    Change laptop or build a PC?

    Hi, I'm thinking of changing my current laptop or build a desktop. As some of you may remember I'm an electronic engineering student and even when some of my interests are computers I really don't know what exactly do in this situation. My current laptop is from 2012 and has the following...
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