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  1. D

    Icon blindness - like face recognition? What's your experience (yes/no)?

    When I visit a new or infrequently used app or website that has unfamiliar icon-buttons, I have trouble "picking up" (i.e. remembering/recalling, in an instinctive/automatic way) which icon is which and what each one does. Could this be related to face blindness, i.e. difficulties in...
  2. A

    TLAs, FLA, et al - uncoding some of the abbreviations used in textspeak or messenging

    I found the list of texting abbreviations. A number of these I know but many I didn't - but many of these are used on these Fora · -OLs - Administrators On-Line · AAMOF - As A Matter Of Fact · ADN - Any Day Now · AFAIC - As Far As I'm Concerned · AFAIK - As Far As I Know · AFAIR -...
  3. M

    What is more important to you than your computer?

    This is one of those either or questions. If you could choose one thing, which is most important: These are examples: Your computer or your family? Your computer or your pet? You computer or your transportation? What one thing, is more important than your computer?
  4. S

    Autism and computer companies

    Long time ago a lady at my school that represented Voc Rehab told me that computer companies are looking to hire autistic people but then when I spoke to the Voc Rehab counselor about it she act like she had no idea about it said she never heard of that which most of them counselors don't know...
  5. DaRKMsOul18

    Programmer... Or at least use to be, for awhile.

    Hello, I am very interested in programming things to make people's lives better! I don't have a computer anymore, so its gonna be awhile and I'll need to relearn several aspects. Meanwhile, on my grandpa's laptop, I made a batch file to make it flash colors in the program on the screen, pretty...
  6. Catalyst


    Hello. I'm self-diagnosed, and perhaps incorrectly, but Asperger's (according to the DSM-IV, anyway) fits me very well. My therapist and my psychiatrist believe my bipolar disorder explains everything I've been through as a kid and my social awkwardness now, saying that even aside from bipolar...
  7. Ameriblush

    I Found A Dog Breeds Wiki!

    I noticed that there was a distinct lack of a true dog wiki out there in the style of the FANDOM Wikia website. I found a wiki that has been dead for 3 years now, and I decided to take it upon myself to make it active again!!! I'm not sure if this is proper place to go, but I'm willing to ask...
  8. Ameriblush


    Ameriblush here, nice to meet you all! :) I am a college-grad school age tech employee aspie with minor skills in ethical hacking to protect small businesses. I am a huge fan of JRPGs, birds of prey, Russian history, American culture, video games, DnB and 70's funk music, and drawing. I am a...
  9. Andrew206

    Favorite Programming Languages

    What are your favorite programming languages and why?
  10. Questella

    Computer Gaming Help!

    Okay computer gaming nerds that have stayed current I'm looking for some assistance. I'm finally able to get a new computer, I have roughly a grand to spend. There's so many new things out there i dont even know what's what anymore. I'm seeing MSI, Powerspec, Acer, Asus. HP I want nothing to...
  11. ezcare

    Critical Thinking is Still Valued

    Critical thinking is the foster child of the American Dream. I say this because most of the critical thinkers who came our way during the latter 20th Century were considered pariahs or mavericks. Maybe they were just Aspies like us? The establishment ridiculed Bill Gates when he started to...
  12. Naturalist

    Can't deal with computers??

    Hello, I have been absent for a long time, in part because of this problem which is getting worse all the time. I cannot deal with computers, internet, email, etc. It is information overload and too much to sift through. Just looking at it paralyzes me. In the case of email, everyone is...
  13. M

    Has anyone done this before?

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