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  1. xudo

    Question about group chat with friends..

    So, I'm in a group chat on FB messenger with 5 or 6 other people. The last day or two, whenever I send a meme, one participant in particular (although one other has done it once too) replies by just sending back the same meme. I'm confused, and I don't understand why they're just sending them...
  2. 10PurpleHippopotamuses

    Discord server for those on the spectrum

    A few of the members of this forum, including myself, created a Discord server for people to join in as members. We allow free discussion, with the exception for rabble rousing. We do ask that people try their best to be civil, and we in return promise to be understanding to people's actions...
  3. JellyBean

    Discord for teens with autism

    Hi^^ I thought I'd share this here. Me and a couple of friends of mine have a discord server for teens aged 13-19. It's fairly new, with a handful of members, but I'm really set on making sure this will be a good server for asd teens to chat, have a laugh and make friends. The server is called...
  4. All-Rounder

    Autism Chats and Forums with Chats 2017-09-03

    1.) Autism Support Network Autism Support Network | Free autism & Aspergers support | Autism Support Network ASN chat: chat.autismsupportnetwork.com:8080/?0,0,2,0,0 2.) Aspies For Freedom Aspies for freedom -the website isn't very complex, and I believe it's still under construction or...
  5. Ster

    16! New here! (I love cartoons)

    Hi! I'm Ster! I joined this site to see if I can find others with common interests and meet new people. I was diagnosed with aspergers, I believe when I was 2 years old. I have friends at school, but I never really met anyone with high common interests like mine, and even though I'm incredibly...
  6. Emzical

    aspie central app

    hey, have many of you noticed the lack of social media apps available for Aspergers? There's plenty of messenger apps to meet people on but it's hard to distinguish neuro-diverse people on them hence the creation of this site. But I think it'd gain a larger following if it could be turned into...
  7. MrSpock

    Lurking in the chat room

    I lurk, and I'm sure that others do too, but am not at all sure how many do. I'm also not sure about how this is viewed by others. The word "lurking" seems to have negative connotations. I'm not really treating it all that differently from conversations with multiple people in real life. In a...
  8. B

    Here is what to do if chat room isn't working for you.

    If you try opening chat and its blank, just leave the window open and wait for 5-10 minutes and then the chats will appear. Use a different tab to check forums or other things, otherwise you'll probably have to wait again for it to work. Hope this helps--
  9. Chris34

    Penpal Relationships

    Hello! It's been a while since I posted a comment or a thread, but now I have a very important issue I feel the need to discuss with the community. I've met this girl from Ukraine (but lives in France at the moment), since like early January of this year. She's very attractive, smart and kind...
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