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Autism Chats and Forums with Chats

Autism Chats and Forums with Chats 2017-09-03

1.) Autism Support Network
Autism Support Network | Free autism & Aspergers support | Autism Support Network

ASN chat:

2.) Aspies For Freedom
Aspies for freedom
-the website isn't very complex, and I believe it's still under construction or unfinished
-the founders are active in protests against the cure mentality and autism rights
-has been closed after a ban following multiple ones when people started asking the mods why the person was banned
-it has two successors:
AFN and http://www.asdcommunity.org

AFF Chat:
Kiwi IRC - The web IRC client - type in the channel #chatautism
-the chat can be accessed from the website itself
-you might have to type "/join chatautism" to access the chat

3.) Open ASD

Open ASD chats:
-they open for me in Mibbit automatically, different browsers may choose something else, so complete address if it isn't working for you is: www.mibbit.com/?url=irc://irc.openasd.org:6667/#chatautism
Mibbit.com Webchat client
-this may be more populated than the following one from Open ASD

-this can be accessed from the website itself - "Chat"

4.) StarLink Chats
-a chat for only autists and people on the ASD spectrum, no family or partners


5.) Rizon Chats
-might need to choose a nick for this one to work
-you may be able to access it through typing into the Rizon tab "/join #/g/autism" or finding it in Search on Rizon tab by entering the tag "autism", after entering the web address of any of these other two chats which are less used:



6.) Snoonet Chats
-it has multiple tags chatrooms, there are a few dedicated to Asperger's
-you need to make an irc account to access #aspergers or else the bot kicks you out

-it's way more populated than the others
-you need to make an irc account to access this one




7.) Wrongplanet
-one of the most populated forums
-may be often badmouthed with multiple types of rumors and they could not be more true
-10 years ago things were out of hand to the point mods turned against one another and some got banned, most mods were dismissed but issues still persist
-most freedom offering forum, can talk about anything, including politics and religion but it is politically biased and you will get bullied by members across the forum and banned depending on what beliefs you have and whom you discuss them with; defending your views when attacked is not allowed
-what you write will forever remain, mods might not remove it on request and editing time ends the same day
-it is majoritarily male populated but the men get mocked constantly, told they are bad fathers by members, the bias and corruption is the worst I've seen, a support site would feel differently
-single men might have trouble understanding why they get rejected in life and women might have trouble understanding men's struggles
-it is not autism-focused, it is sexual and political, rules are broken by select members and at certain times and will be made excuses for; not even the adult section is supposed to be sexual
-some accuse modding is biased politically, left-leaning; views or jokes aren't tolerated depending on which political divide they come from, or are made excuses for depending
-there are many groomers and pms of odd content is often gotten, people have tried to manipulate even sexually in an attempt to change views
-bans are long-term, sometimes selective or without warning (akin to the mafia clans documented in the media) unlike on AC
-people admittedly get addicted to the toxicity of the website and while many have left, some cannot
-there are multiple threads about the website on AC, some of them:
-"In 2010, Wrong Planet created a television show about autism called Autism Talk TV. Sponsors of this web series include Autism Speaks. The show is hosted by Alex Plank and Jack Robison, the son of author John Elder Robison. Neurodiversity advocates have accused Plank of betraying Wrong Planet's goal for autism acceptance by accepting money from Autism Speaks for this web series. The autism rights movement and neurodiversity advocates do not see autism as a disease that needs to be cured, and have criticized Autism Speaks for seeking a cure. The word "cure" was dropped from its mission statement in 2016." - Wrong Planet - Wikipedia
Wrong Planet is Wrong!
"AnonymousJuly 22, 2014 at 3:10 PM
When WP announced they acquired Autism Speaks I expected Autism Speaks to lose their fame and prominence. They have not. I thought WP had bought out Autism Speaks but it looks like it's the other way around."
"Autistic and proudOctober 10, 2013 at 7:29 PM
[...] And actually expressing yourself in your own way is a no-no. You must act a certain way when communicating. [...] The site pretty much promotes treatments for Autism."
-the website is abandonware, as quoted by the admin, and old, no updates and it triggers defense systems of antiviruses, it does not have a useful ignore button and has many toxic members that are allowed to break the rules even if reported. These members will follow you around the website and try to start arguments with you, always disagreeing. As there is no way to hide your post history, this works very well for the bullies. This behaviour is not accepted as real and lots have been treated abhorrently if they talked about it.

Wrongplanet chat:
-no longer accessible from Mibbit, but from Kiwi: Kiwi IRC
-the chat cannot be easily accessed from the website itself, but it's found through Google, it's posted on the same website: Asperger Autism Chat Room « Asperger Autism Chat Room - Wrong Planet Wrong Planet
-Freenode also has #Autistichat: The #AutistiChat Forums -
-there is also another chat: ##wrongplanet, used to contact staff

8.) Autism Forums / Autism Community
-can post links to other places
-all the donations go towards the site and autism support, none to the mods or the owner - they are volunteers
-easy way to see new threads, fast responses

AC chat:
-the chat can be accessed from the website itself
-you need to sign in [to an account] to chat
-you might need to modify its Settings [top right of the chat] for it to display messages normally and for messages to stream in the right direction
-it's the most populated autism chat I've tested, but AFF chat comes close and may be more populated in the USA night time [which is daytime for me]

9.) Autism Friends Network
-your account will be closed if you don't consistently log in to it, even if you have verified the email
-trusted values in accordance with autism, against the cure mentality and the owner allows links for other places

AFN chat:
autismfriendsnetwork.biz - This website is for sale! - autismfriendsnetwork Resources and Information.
-the chat is at the bottom, scroll down
-might need to sign in so your name won't be confused with other Guest chatters

10.) Healthful Chat
-it is not a strictly autism-related community, it has multiple disorder areas

HC for autism:
www.healthfulchat.org/autism-ch ... login.html
-it automatically sends you to #lodge chat channel, you need to switch to the #autism channel tab

11.) Aspergers Chat City
-you will have to make an account to access the chats and the website
-it's a very complex website with a lot of people from all over the world, ability to meet in real life and ability to easily browse people from your own location with specific interests, and multiple chats based on location and other criteria, even though the results contain other disorders than autism too
-Singles Chat can be used by any person and it's always active, even though many people from other Chat Cities with disorders or disabilities are there
-you have to pay in order to send inbox messages, but you can private message the people you see online on any chat for free

Autism Forums without Chatrooms

12.) National Autistic Society (NAS) from UK
-you need an account to comment in the forums
-advertising other forums is not allowed (they decide thoroughly where their community goes, since there are lower functioning people, so they want to protect them from places they have no power over flagging content)
-it can be a bit strict on rules and biased towards the UK population on tests for site improvement

13.) Autismag
-has an annoying ad appearing on the screen every now and then that can be closed by clicking on the left side, outside its box
-requires an email and name for posts and replies, but I think it is posted instantly
-Ash, the admin of the forum has a brother on the spectrum and commonly posts threads
-the advice Ash gives can be stereotypical and seems to be having wrong statistical information
-there is a news section for autism discoveries, nicely posted data
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