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  1. mourningdove

    Talking/communicating through pets?

    I've always had trouble speaking to my immediate family directly at home. But we had two cats growing up, one of whom I was particularly close to (and who recently passed away, unfortunately). 1.) Communication got easier if I could hold my cat, Moon, and look at him instead of my mother or...
  2. M

    It's been a morning of hilarity

    So, decided to do what zookeepers do and add something new in the form of enrichment. I placed cat treats in several empty tissue boxes and in a long paper bag. I covered a puzzle feeder with a cardboard tube as well. First cat, the big male went straight into the paper bag with no fear, ate...
  3. M

    Playing with cats and dogs?

    After he rolled in catnip and played in a cardboard box, he joined in for the first time ever with toys and a feather on a long pole. He didn't know how for two years, he seemed afraid and hid. Now, after watching me play with my two other cats he's learned how and seems to like to. Do you play...
  4. catdog55616

    An Update!

    Firstly, I'd like to thank you all for your kind messages, they made me feel better! And about the school psychologists, I found something out the other day. While they're called psychologists and have the degrees to have that title, the role they play in school is a guidance counselor for kids...
  5. Mickaylaxcat

    New here, Hello from MAINE USA.

    Hello everyone! Im Mickayla. I love pokemon and video games. i have offically diagnosed High functioning autism. i am in a day program currently where every Wednesday i go and do things in the community/ learn life skills. i am 19 and have a boyfriend of a year or so and we together and...
  6. Autistamatic

    The Jimmy Show episode 1

    My wife inadvertently ended up creating a fan club for our cat Jimmy (full name James Tiberius Kirk) on Instagram. She started keeping photos on there but forgot to make them private and now he's got a ridiculous amount of followers. At her request I started putting together some (very short)...
  7. Daydreamer

    How my interest in cats began.

    Since I feel in the mood to talk about it. :D Besides, perhaps some people will find this to be an interesting (yet admittedly rather lengthy) story. When I was younger I had three toy cats, although the count would go up to four if you included my sister's soft toy which she would often lend...
  8. firelight77

    Do you NEED to know?

    So I put off my introduction for a long time because I really didn't know what to say. Also just getting use to how the site works. Thought I would start with a question, then all the personal stuff, just to mix things up ;) The question is...do you, like me, have a super strong drive to know...
  9. M

    Best cat toy today :)

    Discovered a battery run cat toy, that my cat has not left alone since my husband put the batteries in it. She's still at it and likely will be until the batteries die. At $14.00 dollars locally, it works well and makes a noise which she seems to like. This is a kitten playing with it, not my...
  10. WereBear

    OMG Success!

    Happy Dance! I just put it up a couple of days ago, and my fans have already made it #1 on Hot New Releases. The Way of Cats; the cat care, training, and affection system Revamp of my life, ten years in the making, and I didn't even know what a lifeline it would be until last year, when I...
  11. Ameriblush

    What the heck is with this trope that cats are jerks?

    I hate it! There seems to be dozens of articles on the internet using bs scientific studies saying that cats are inherently jerks, they hate humans and think they are dumb, they're better off without us, they are incapable of showing affection, they only care about food, they aren't intelligent...
  12. Finally Getting Out There

    Finally Getting Out There

    Yesterday me and my mom printed out an application (10 pages long) for Vocational Rehabilitation. Vocational Rehabilitation is a place where they find jobs that are suitable for people with disabilities. Since I have ASD, I would love to have a job that is easier, understandable, not hard and...
  13. M

    Cats that do strange things?

    Does your cat do strange things? Went outside today to find my cat Iggy (formerly know as Pinky) Asleep beside my car, at first I thought he was dead. Right out in the open, he woke up later because a fly was bothering him. He seems to have no stalking, hiding, hunting, instincts whatsoever...
  14. Katleya

    Cat fountains?

    Does anyone use a cat fountain for their cat's water? I've been seriously considering one for various reasons: - The water is in movement, and it would be an easier alternative than opening the tap every once in a while, - Most customers' feedback was that it enticed their cats to drink more, -...
  15. M

    Do your cats hunt?

    Mine do, mainly insects and mice but also birds. Which absolutely breaks my heart as every year that I've lived in this area, there seem to be fewer and fewer songbirds. Live in a rural community, and my cats are safe inside my fenced property. Yet they still kill and eat birds. I've found a...
  16. tree


    Generator Land: cat thoughts Title: CAT THOUGHTS Descriptor: What are they thinking about? Button: click to explore the feline psyche Background: midnight (black) to imply the mystery of the feline mind. Format: 2 slots mywords (mostly commands) + mywords (what the cat wants) Sample...
  17. Mr Allen

    There are 2 shows coming up that I'd like to see - I can't afford both so which should I book?

    Should I book CATS at the Lyceum next month or Madness at the Sheffield Arena in November? I think CATS would be cheaper, and I haven't seen it before, as I think the show in October's one of the first times it's ever been on outside London, but I've been a Madness fan for over 30 years even...
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