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  1. Imaginatively_Cute

    Oi, has anyone seen "Fire Force"

    My peers tell me it's pretty good, so ima give it a shot, what are your guys thoughts on it, Please don't spoil tho.
  2. Imaginatively_Cute

    Everyone, Name an anime that you watched...

    I'll start first, Mine was Demon Slayer.
  3. Ameriblush

    No more wasting time.

    Can I make my obsession with comic strip a profession? I made a post not too long ago about wanting to take my interests in drawing and cartooning seriously. I've decided I'm not going to wait anymore. I feel like I'm wasting my life worrying daily. I have a on of ideas for stories, worlds...
  4. The mighty Boosh

    The brave little toaster - It's annoying me now

    I've been listening to youtube and keep hearing odd gaps \ broken lyric flow in this song The brave little toaster - Worthless Wondering if its animators mistake/editors decision or lyrics have been cut from the song. It's bugging me now so thought I'd pass it on :innocent: Sorry, bored and...
  5. Riley

    Xiaolin Showdown

    I'll be blunt. I'm looking for someone to talk about this show with. I love it to death and consider it one of the better shows to come out of 2003. I grew up with it. Even had lingering memories of both the title screen, a character, and bits-n-pieces of "Days Past."
  6. BorealAndBeyond

    Cartoon series with aspie characters - Boreal and Beyond

    Here is a cartoon I am making that has a few aspie characters in it. So far the story is quite comical and not very serious because I'm currently trying to establish the characters and get used to the animation, but eventually it will be about Klara becoming a biologist in her local forest...
  7. M

    Aspies and beauty

    Beauty isn't a special interest of the stereotypical Aspie. But there are women on the spectrum who do obsess with things like make-up, perfume and even things like vampires, and cartoons.
  8. SalanaEiyungAisis

    Which Character do you most identify with, and why?

    I just wanted to see if there was a character that rings with you a lot. Like, you feel what he or she is going through and you like him or her because he or she reminds me of you. Please, tell me what fictional (or cartoon) character do you identify with. As for me (at least, in the Winnie...
  9. SalanaEiyungAisis

    Am I the only one who wishes to live in my favourite cartoons/Animes Universe?

    Please, don't laugh at me for telling you this... :nomouth: I do know that cartoons are creations of humans, but that does not mean I don't consider them as ''unreal''. For me, no matter what, they are always ''real'' in the sense that they have emotions, an interesting story and that I can...
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