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Which Character do you most identify with, and why?


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I just wanted to see if there was a character that rings with you a lot. Like, you feel what he or she is going through and you like him or her because he or she reminds me of you. Please, tell me what fictional (or cartoon) character do you identify with.


As for me (at least, in the Winnie the Pooh Universe), I've always identified with Piglet. Because he is sweet and kind, yet, because he's unassertive and kinda shy, he gets into lots of sticky situations (pushed into it by his friends, most of the time). But when he has to be brave, he is and, like The Pooh gang discovers in Piglet's Big Movie, in the end, he was the one who made the big difference in their adventures. I'm kinda sad he's rather still unknown in the Pooh fanbase.
Tomoko Kuroki from Watamote.

She's quirky, geeky, buries herself in video games and manga half the time, is awkward to the point of embarrassment at times, easily agitated, cant socialize whatsoever, and people around her probably think she's crazy. I can sympathize with all of these things, and it's easy to get a sense of what she's going through in each of the situations she finds herself in.

On top of that, her hair is a constant frazzled mess, and she has shadows under her eyes at all times that just cant really be gotten rid of. I can claim these two traits as well. I tell ya, having people say that you look tired, over and over again, gets old.

Strider from 'Lord of the Rings'. Alone, quiet, self reliant and looks like he can't be bothered showering. He appeals to my tomboyishness, love of physical activity and my admiration for the Elves.
Deadpool I think because he is very edgy, breaks rules and makes a ton of jokes. Also Judge Dredd because he applies the law to every one.
Another Character I very much identify with is Hubbie from the Pebble and The Penguin

He is a rather shy, but very friendly penguin that has trouble fitting in. But, despite all the hardships he goes through, he keeps a hopeful look on life (Marina's gonna love my pebble, I just know it!). He has a dream and he is willing to make it come true and cross the seas to be with Marina, again. He is also a dreamer and is curious about many things (as showcased in this song:

). Despite the way Rocko treats him, he sees the good in him and even wishes to know what made him that way (What happened? Did your girl run off with another penguin?). He has a great strenght within him, he just doesn't know it, yet. It is pretty much Rocko's job to make Hubbie more assertive and able to truly fight for what he believes (by defeating Drake).

Also, as a bonus, he is, as the narrator states at the beginning of the movie ''the most romantic'' penguin in all the world!


Hubbie: Don't you see? It's my FATE, Rocko! It's my destiny to marry Marina, it's in the stars!
Rocko: ''I'm destined to marry Marina, it's in the stars!'', Gabgabgabgab! Why don't you get that thing fixed, huh?
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Probably Joe from the British drama The A Word, which was on BBC 1 back in April, about a young Autistic boy called Joe, and the struggles by his Parents, particularly his Mum, to get him formally diagnosed.
Ya know what, I posted earlier, but I realized a better and more fitting one though the stuff with Tomoko still applies in an "added on" sort of way.

This is Chara, from Undertale. Misanthropic and tends to hate basically everything, but seems to put forth a bit of a facade at times. Extremely good at manipulation and control. Most of the other characters seem to like Chara despite all of this. The picture here sums it up fairly well. Except the "flirt" bit.

Flint Lockwood

Little bit quirky and social awkward. Always trying to build something but mostly turns out wrong.
Child like imagination and exaggerates movement and speech.

Just have to invent the thought translator for my rats.
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