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  1. Beanfinity

    Recovering from burnout - re-entering the realm of socializing

    A year ago was when I came to realize my autism-ness and also realized I was in the deep trenches of a burnout. I didn't know what I had been doing was masking for my entire life. I have been isolating myself for about a year from neurotypical social outings (group activities, dinners/nights at...
  2. B

    "Scared of having autism" Update

    Here's the link to my last thread earlier this year for context (or just check my account): scared of having autism (tl:dr in case you don't want to read that thread: I'm a 22 year old male that didn't even think of the possibility of being autistic until January this year. I was terrified of...
  3. autism-and-autotune

    Ask, and ye shall receive!

    The good news is that after almost a couple years, I've had the fortune of someone finally accepting a job application. That's the good news. ..the bad news, if I can look a gift horse in the mouth, is that it's retail. I worked in retail all throughout college and beyond, and it got me to...
  4. touchofthetism

    idk how to stim anymore

    Hello I have been masking my autistic traits for so long that i have forgotten how to stim. This causes me to suffer from burnout . Does anyone know how to unmask and start stimming again ? I dont remember most of my childhood so i dont know how i used to self regulate back then. All I...
  5. Irakus34

    I Can't Cope Up With My First Job

    Hi, it's been a long time. This week, I found a job, my first job and yesterday was my first day in there. I'm in a residency with old disabled, dependent people. I have workmates and my shift was pretty calm to be honest. However, it's evening shift from 2:15 pm to 10:00 pm and we have to...
  6. F

    Feeling burnout, regret, and helplessness when dealing with my studies

    Hello, I'm somewhat new here. I have visited this forum before, but have only read other people's threads and have never made my own account, but decided to make one to create this thread, so here we go. This may be somewhat of a lengthier story, but I think it's necessary to know the context...
  7. Astrid-X

    Employment challenges and Burnout

    Hi everyone, hope you all are staying safe during this pandemic :) I am a female with a masters degree in psychology (not licenced but educated on how to conduct research). I am approaching the end of my 20's. And I am kind of a newbie to my diagnosis (Awaiting the official one). Been having a...
  8. P

    Does anyone else get physical symptoms?

    So whenever I become stressed, anxious or get sensory overload, I get a lot of physical symptoms. Some of them are so bad that they are severely disabling - and I am so confused about this and wonder if it is actually related to autism or if it's something else entirely. I have spoken to my...
  9. BlueSky Aozora

    Burnout doing a Simple Task

    I burst into tears this evening, several times. I have no actual reason to cry, if thinking logically. I dont have any serious illness, or serious financial issues, or lose a job or a loved ones or anything. I think maybe I have a burnout. But the reason for the burnout is so stupid: my...
  10. HelzBelz


    I'm right on the tip of a burnout and know I need to make some changes if I want to stop myself tipping into the abyss, although I don't have the energy to think, process and take action. I've noticed a lot of aspies seem to go through regular burnout - have any of you found ways to cope when...
  11. Datura

    "Low Work Tollerance"

    It has been some time since I last started a thread, but those who have been on this board for a while might recall that I was having difficulty with depression and finding work. This situation, unfortunately, has not been resolve. During my hiatus from AspiesCentral I have had my ups and downs...
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