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  1. O

    Questions about Disorders I maybe have or don't have

    I read in some of my medical and IEP records and found out that I showed symptom of Conduct Disorder Unspecified, but I don't quite understand what it means.
  2. O

    My delusional phenomena

    That delusional phenomena that I experienced looks very similar to Fregoli Syndrome, but it's not Fregoli Syndrome, I don't know how to accurately call it, it wasn't prosecutory in nature. When I had severe communication delays, I believed that no one has facial expressions and thought that...
  3. Bolletje

    Depression and acceptance

    Hello blog, it's been a while. Last time I posted an update I had just gone through a mini-psychotic break and I had just been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Today I will be ranting a little, rather than posting clever and/or insightful and/or funny things. No grand things have happened to me...
  4. Spencer Carr

    The stress of starting/trying to date someone

    I do not understand how people manage the dating scene sometimes. Or not even the scene, but just the idea of dating. In the past two weeks I have had three individual situations that have been something that could lead somewhere. But, just... Aren't. And I am so exhausted mentally and...
  5. Jason Aull

    Often just existing

    My name is Jason Aull. I live in a group home In Lebanon Tennessee. I have Aspergers, bipolar and have been diagnosed with schizoid-affective. Currently I Take an SSRI and an antipsychotic. I do not like taking Psychotropics but I am forced if not heavily coerced into taking them. My mom wrote a...
  6. R

    Misdiagnosed as bipolar and lack of support from doctors

    Hello Everyone, For the past two years I have gradually convinced myself that I am on the spectrum. I think seeing a higher representation of people with ASD in TV shows and Movies initially sparked my realization. I seemed to always relate to characters with ASD more and more until I finally...
  7. S

    Autism And Bipolar Disorder

    So I'm Autistic but I think I might be Bipolar to because I have mood swings all the time are there similarities between the two can you have both?
  8. The Gentle and Brave Writer

    The life-saving search for beauty of creative people

    Sopranos and tenors always make my soul soar. Right now, the owner of the incredible voice that I’m listening to is Katherine Jenkins. There’s magic in the melody, but there’s something even transcendental when one understand the lyrics. French, Italian, Spanish, and even English, transmit a...
  9. Butterfly88

    Autism Shares Brain Signature with Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder

    Autism Shares Brain Signature with Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder Very interesting. My doctor says I have bipolar tendencies and I do talk to people in my head.
  10. Catalyst


    Hello. I'm self-diagnosed, and perhaps incorrectly, but Asperger's (according to the DSM-IV, anyway) fits me very well. My therapist and my psychiatrist believe my bipolar disorder explains everything I've been through as a kid and my social awkwardness now, saying that even aside from bipolar...
  11. W

    Bipolar Type I and possibly autism spectrum.

    Dear all, I have Bipolar disorder Type I. Diagnosed and on various meds for years. The pdoc suspects that I have autism spectrum issues as well, and this is why I write here. I do research in mathematics, so I am high functioning in that context, but I have always struggled with social...
  12. klkoffroth

    Bestfriend/Roommate to someone with Aspies

    Hi, so I've been close friends with this girl since we were 5 years old, we grew up together in church and in school, even were neighbors. I've known about her Aspergers the whole time and kinda understood it but all through our adolescent years, she was on her medication and also in therapy. We...
  13. Lena_C

    When Your Child’s Exceptionality is Emotional: Looking Beyond Psychiatric Diagnosis

    (Not written by me) When Your Child’s Exceptionality is Emotional: Looking Beyond Psychiatric Diagnosis by Barbara Probst When people think of a twice-exceptional child, they usually think of someone who’s gifted and learning-disabled. The “second exceptionality” is typically an educational...
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