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autistic adults

  1. F

    Making friends

    Hey, not sure if I it’s appropriate to write here but, I’m 29 mum of two beautiful girls (2 and 4 months) leaving in Sydney Australia, far away from home (I’m originally from Israel) feeling alone. I’m over 4 years in Australia and so far besides my husband and his family I don’t have friends (I...
  2. C

    Help…..I’m a neurotypical daughter of a neurodivergent mum

    I’m going to try not to give too much backstory to this, since it’s somewhat long. I’ve known since I was a child that there was something very different about my mum. She’s now in her mid-60s and has a plethora of health issues, both mental and physical. She doesn’t speak to most of her family...
  3. G

    Museum Experience Survey

    Hi everyone! My research team and I are conducting a study which focuses on improving the experience of museums for autistic adults. The survey should only take about 5 minutes and your responses will be anonymized. If you are interested this is the link...
  4. A

    Recruiting Autistic Adults for Online Study on Sticky Thinking & Mental Health

    Hello, My name is Ava. Elliot Gavin Keenan and I are two autistic researchers and are recruiting autistic adults for our online survey study examining sticky or repetitive thinking, stimming (repetitive behaviors), and mental health in autistic adults. To participate, you must be age 18+, could...
  5. W

    ABA Research Survey

    Hello! I am a grad student at Marshall University. I have been learning more about ABA and have been really frustrated at the lack of research on ABA that centers the autistic perspective and experience. I have created a survey to help me collect data on Autistic experiences in ABA and would...
  6. MacKenzie Smith

    Do you prefer "person with autism" or "autistic"? Let us know! Research participants needed!

    Researchers in the Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) department of Midwestern University are conducting a survey for individuals in the autistic and autism communities. Students and adults (ages 18+) with autism and parents or caregivers of autistic individuals are all welcome to complete this...
  7. A

    Welcome to the Autistic Community! 2014 02

    An introduction to being on the spectrum
  8. S

    What is a 'Full Autism Diagnostic Report'?

    Hi all, As some of you may know I have recently been diagnosed with ASD and i have just recieved a short letter to confirm that i fit the criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder in both the DSM-5 and the ICD-11 and in the letter it stated i would receive a full diagnostic report in the next few...
  9. S

    Am I attractive?

    This is not a post that is negatively themed, i have just gone my whole life not understanding the hidden body language in society like nearly everyone on this forum and i have always wondered if anyone found me attractive and if i am just missing the signs maybe.. i have had no luck on dating...
  10. Renzo

    Autism & The Ability to Feel

    (From my official blog, Autistic Spirits) A lot of neurotypicals("normal people") think having autism means you don't have feelings. This is one of the most common stereotypes about autistic people and it's far from the truth. Someone on the spectrum does feel, but he/she expresses it in a...
  11. Renzo

    Autistic Spirits

    Hey all! I'm Renzo and on this blog, I will talk about the beauty of autism. I also have an "official" blog(Autistic Spirits) and I will post some articles from that blog on this one.
  12. Butterfly88

    New Phoenix apartments open for adults with autism

    New Phoenix apartments open for adults with autism I think the sound barriers are awesome, I want that.
  13. Mr Allen

    Getting a Doctor's appointment as an Autistic adult!

    So I've had a bad cold since Wednesday afternoon, the local Doctors closes at lunchtime on Thursdays, and I was on my Digital Arts course till lunch time. I tried to ring up at bang on 8 AM GMT (3 AM Eastern) to make an appointment for today, it was engaged! Anyway I finally got through about an...
  14. SocOfAutism

    Autistic Workers: Invisible People

    I finished my thesis, "Autistic Workers: Invisible People" and am now working on publishing some of the data. I have the highlights of my findings here: Autistic Workers: Invisible People You can also download my full thesis from that page, if you like to read. o_O Go to the main page if...
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