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autism diagnosis

  1. Nieos


    I am 24 and I am looking for diagnosed males with Autism to be freinds with. Only message me if you have Autism and no other comorbid things. I have a lot of interests, so we will be able to have discussions.
  2. M

    What do you think about this?

    What do you think about this? I’m not a doctor but was curious about this when I researched it. You probably all know that boys are four times more likely to get autism, but I was like why is that? So I looked it up and found something interesting. According to Health line, girls have more...
  3. G

    Re-defining Diagnostic Criteria for Autism?

    I'm hearing rumors that the people in charge are seeking to actually re-define the diagnostic criteria for Autism in the DSM-5. For awhile now, I've heard people saying that Autism is being "over-diagnosed" and that level-1 Autistic people aren't really Autistic. I've considered this to be the...
  4. G

    How to diagnose Autism when the internet and other resources aren’t available?

    I want to present a scenario to you, imagine something apocalyptic happens, a nuclear war breaks out, a super-volcano or two go off, or cats & dogs start living together. Your community is reduced to a primitive survivalist state and it turns out that it’ll be quite some time before...
  5. LucyPurrs

    Autism Doesn't Stop Woman from Becoming a Lawyer

    Following article, not written by me, might be of interest to some of you: An autism diagnosis hasn't stopped this young woman from becoming a lawyer
  6. Mary Anne

    New ICD-11 manual mirrors U.S. autism criteria

    The ICD-11 (Published now available as of May, 2018) also removes Aspergers as does the DSM-5 in the United States. New global diagnostic manual mirrors U.S. autism criteria Summary: “The criteria are part of a highly anticipated update to the “International Classification of Diseases,” a...
  7. George Newman

    It's About Us

    Many of you know that I was officially diagnosed with high functioning autism (HFA) late in life; just last year. My life was falling and completely fell apart. I will be 48 this year. I've spent a year wrestling with the scope and implications that have come with this diagnosis. I have come...
  8. 2

    Patience til the End

    Hi I hope many of you will gain insight into people on the spectrum although each and every person is different and functions at a different level.. One thing I never managed to work out was where behaviour due to being on the spectrum stopped and the personality/character took over. I had...
  9. shinkansen

    Quora - the Q & A website, ASD and ADHD blog

    After I was diagnosed with both ASD and ADHD, I wanted to find out more. Came across Quora, a social media website, where members ask and answer questions https://www.quora.com/. There are quite a few members with Aspergers and autism spectrum disorder. I'm using the Quora website to expand my...
  10. S

    Parent Survey for Autism Study

    My name is Shambhavi Mishra and I am a senior at Basis Phoenix. At Basis senior students conduct a research project, which offers them an opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and research skills learned, while also study in the subject area they are passionate about. I have always been...
  11. Caelix3

    Is Tumblr just sensitive or did I say something wrong?

    One time I posted on Tumblr about my little brother who is on the lower end of the spectrum with autism. I said that he had low functioning autism and another person with autism messaged me and said that wasn't nice or appropriate to say. But the doctors and therapists tell my mom all the time...
  12. Dirtdigger

    Autism and Sensory issues

    I know many of us who are on the Autism Spectrum have sensory issues. In my case the most severe is my hearing though all of my senses are affected. So I'm wondering which noises, fabrics, smells, tastes, views are you able to handle OK and which ones you just can't deal with? Since noise...
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