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  1. Jenisautistic

    Arc has change my life

    I know I did really would post this in my video posts but I decided to out of here because I want to discuss this a bit. Has anyone heard of the arc? Anyone have any sort of experience either from yourself or family or friends?
  2. Jenisautistic

    How do you prevent overcrowding of your home?

    I have a lot of trouble finding a balance between owning stuff like using stuff and trying to figure out what to donate. as well as trying to keep organized. I also have difficulty with shopping sometimes especially with food cause I’m terrible at predicting how much food we need and I usually...
  3. Jenisautistic

    Middle of the night thoughts

    Hey everyone, just wanted these videos of some random thoughts I had during the middle of the night
  4. Jenisautistic

    It’s you I like cover

  5. Jenisautistic

    History has its eyes on me (reference intended)

    Hello everyone Now that I am doing job training and learning how to work volunteer and be an intern I hope that I will be able to pave the way for people like me,for people with more significant or risky disabilities like medical stuff to have a chance and to better find a place in this world I...
  6. Jenisautistic

    I am so grateful and blessed

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to state that I am very happy in my new program within the ARC. We are learning job skills and doing volunteering and internships. I feel so happy and blessed to be a part of it
  7. Jenisautistic

    Jens video posts

    I decided that if I want to share a video instead of doing it randomly, I'm gonna post it in here. If any of you are interested, please follow this thread, I might even post some other stuff that I find interesting moving on Since today wis always be a somber day what I mean is a reminder...
  8. Jenisautistic

    My drawings

    Hi, I decided to jump the art bandwagon and share my art too here is my intro
  9. Jenisautistic

    The story continues part two

    Hi everyone, I just finished uploading a little while ago my second part of the story These two parts are both in the year, 2020
  10. Jenisautistic

    The story continues part 1

    let me know what you think
  11. Jenisautistic


    Hello everyone it’s been a while everything’s been going ok I am currently in a day program for those with intellectual disabilities. I am also win their advocacy and Board group I am not completely on the board club yet, but I will be soon. Hopefully. As it is nearing January 2023, I have a...
  12. h.hartzzx177


    Hello people of Autism Forums. I'd like to reintroduce myself quickly as I have been inactive since my first introduction. I do not announce my legal name online, but you may call me Blaise. I have both ADHD & ASD. My "special interest" is in most organisms of the Animalia kingdom. I'm an...
  13. Jenisautistic

    My new room

  14. rach3rd

    Can We Truly Be Our Authentic Self?

    I was just diagnosed with autism today. I have been reading and of course "obsessing" about the topic since I first got a high score on an online test. I am married to a NT partner with two kids. I am just now learning a lot of the "lingo". One of the things that I am most concerned about is...
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