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  1. Patsy

    Adult diagnosis stories?

    For those who were diagnosed later in life, what are your stories? What made you or others suspect you were on the spectrum? What was the diagnosis process like if you received an official assessment?
  2. U

    Introduction, an adult questioning their neurodiversity

    Hello everyone, I am 27 years old. Diagnosed with ADHD and disgraphia in first grade. Junior year of highschool my parents let me be in charge of my treatment for ADHD. I decided to stop treatment because I felt like if I didn't need it I would be normal like everyone else and I wouldn't be so...
  3. jleeb05

    First Day of Assessment

    Today was the first day of my assessment for ASD. I wanted a formal assessment because I don't necessarily fit some of the ASD boxes in a way that would make me comfortable to self-diagnose. As @Nummulite mentioned in another thread, the process of getting assessed is quite frustrating. You...
  4. Nummulite

    On a five year wait list

    I'm an adult living in Alberta, Canada. Last week I got a referral for an ASD assessment, and I got a call back this morning. She asked me some questions and then put me on the wait list, but she told me that the wait is an estimated 5 years. If I want it sooner I would need to have it done by a...
  5. zozie

    It's official: Me and my kids are diagnosed autistic

    Just got back from that award-winning doctor, who actually saw both my older and younger kid, and me, and he and his team diagnosed us all. The whole thing took four hours, including the ADOS-2, and we felt seen as people. They offered some great resources. So now it's official. I can get the...
  6. W

    Autism Assessments - Santa Clara County

    Hi everyone, I think I might be autistic, and I recently took some online assessments that seem to confirm my suspicion, and I now want to get an official assessment to receive a diagnosis. Is there anyone on here who is familiar with any doctors in the Santa Clara County area (or general Bay...
  7. zozie

    Finally Saw A Decent Doc - ASD Assessment Update

    Well, nearly 2 months after my first, rather wretched assessment process, I finally saw a young PsyD student (nearly done) with extensive experience interning at a private clinic assessing autistic kids and adults. The clinic in question just won an award for their research on autism diagnoses...
  8. S

    What is a 'Full Autism Diagnostic Report'?

    Hi all, As some of you may know I have recently been diagnosed with ASD and i have just recieved a short letter to confirm that i fit the criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder in both the DSM-5 and the ICD-11 and in the letter it stated i would receive a full diagnostic report in the next few...
  9. S

    It happened.. my diagnoses is official.

    After 3 years of fighting, today was my assessment and after 3 and a half hours they confirmed my autism. I honestly don't know how i feel. For the past 3 years I've felt like a liar, not knowing who i was and now all the stuff i was blamed for as a child i couldn't help. I feel so...
  10. S

    I had a meltdown and I dont know how i feel.

    Hi, Today i was in my mothers car with her when a car was coming too fast towards the round about we were going round and it caused me to get really anxious and aggressive and my mum tried to say that if she was to hit us then it would be the other drivers fault but i kept getting the compulsive...
  11. Shenandoah

    Formal assessment (Ontario, Canada)

    So if I were to pursue a formal assessment, how would I go about it generally and specifically in Ontario, Canada. My interest is two prong: 1. I have a sense that I am pretty inconsistent in my abilities, so it'd be helpful to have a better picture. I.e. visual, spacial, verbal stuff. My son...
  12. S

    It is finally happening, after 3 years of pushing.

    Its finally happening, today i recieved a letter containing my date for my autism assessment which is on the 14th November, i was so happy when i found out but ever since i keep having compulsions over it. Im really happy but anxious at the same time. They gave me a picture story to show me how...
  13. mysrhgirl19

    Awaiting assessment- first post here!

    Hey everyone! My name is Sarah and I have a 16 month old son. He is getting an official assessment in the next week or two. I’ve always known he had such a unique and special character. As a baby he was not needy at all. He was happy to watch tv, sit in his bassinet. He honestly rarely cried and...
  14. star.stuff


    Hi All, I had the first part of my evaluation over the phone last night. Wow I feel drained! I consider myself very intelligent. I never had to study in school, always got straight A’s, I’m very good at understanding scientific concepts, etc. But that evaluation was so hard for me. The...
  15. Streetwise

    autism assessment and diagnosis in the uk

    to find autism assessment and diagnosis contact numbers and addresses in the uk go to n.h.s choices at www.n.h.s.uk and click on services then type your town or county in the location box and in the services box type autism assessment and diagnosis
  16. As sweet as-pie

    Rant/Long post: Disability Benefit Assessment (UK)

    Hi all, I've just gotten home from my medical assessment for PIP with Independent Assessment Services (Formerly ATOS). If any of you are familiar with spoon theory, I am very low on spoons right now. I attended the appointment with my dad because even though I'm now 18, he pretty much talks...
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