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  1. tripleU

    Gone Crazy, Need to recover

    Hello, I have gone crazy, I am destroying everything harming everything. From this; From the my language is too mean thread, I learned to be precautious but they were still acting like 3 year olds. Venting does help a bit, but the person, has to take interest in it as I am too smart for that...
  2. G

    Issues with emotional arguments

    I'm starting to notice that emotional arguments really bother, I tend to get really angry when emotional bullying or emotional blackmail come into play. I won't say what the topic was about, but I was listening to a podcast in which a guy was presenting a certain view and he was presenting it in...
  3. Stan Z.

    A fight with my stepmom....again

    Basics: I'm 19, I have ASD, and I still live with my parents during this pandemic due to financial problems with my previous college, and now I'm going to community college. I got into a fight with my Liberian stepmom again. She was surprised and angry at me as I didn't wear gloves when I put...
  4. S

    Suspect my boyfriend has Aspergers

    I have been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years. We are in our late 20s and in the last 6 months we moved in together. He has problems socially and doesn’t have many friends or lasting friendships. He has trouble verbalizing his emotions or showing much emotion. I didn’t notice right away, but...
  5. Matthew Behnke

    Suggestion: Change the rules for controversial and heated threads

    I think we should make it where people should be able to express their free thoughts in debated and argued threads or we should close them, because people's minds can someone go out of their heads when writing them and may not know if their post is violating. If there is certain posts in the...
  6. C

    The Benefits of Argumentation

    Argumentation is often viewed as something to be avoided. When we engage in it it can be perceived as downright offensive. But without argumentation how can we understand the position of those who think differently than we do? How can we pick the views we find most credible when we do not know...
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