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  1. kityoume

    obsessive states

    hello, I have an obsessive desire to delete dialogues with people on social networks, has anyone experienced this? Sometimes I want to delete all dialogue except for my parents and best friend and it stresses me out because I find it weird. Usually people I see don't bother with these divlogs on...
  2. emo.nerd.4.life

    Coping Strategies

    Hey so I need some advice/help from y'all. Do any of you guys having some coping strategies/mechanisms for shutdowns/meltdowns? I mostly shutdown when I experience overload, but when I meltdown, I cry and I don't handle myself very well...
  3. trustwaves


    REALLY need advise on how to cope with low spoon/Energy days, whether it's social exhaustion/ burn out etc. How do you cope?? My sensitivities will be higher so I won't want to eat, I won't be able to do anything accept easy things like watching a film and napping How do you cope with the...
  4. trustwaves


    I've had multiple blood tests as I've had really bad digestion/ food intolerances to wheat/dairy/corn/almond milk/onions/garlic. I got tested for vitamin deficiencies and celiac but it all came back 'okay' ( which it's not ) apart from higher thyroid levels? Hyperthyroidism. I've had another...
  5. trustwaves


    My brain likes to fixate on things. Recently I've been obsessing over food ( this has happened ever since the start of my eating disorder) Anyway that's got better but my mind will obsess over food all the time and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of how to stop it? I've tried...
  6. trustwaves

    ANXIETY- advice needed :)

    So I suffer from pretty bad separation anxiety and social anxiety. I can be alone, I sometimes enjoy it BUT I can't leave the house alone or be independent. It's been like this for years and I'm just stuck in my room trying to relax and distract myself. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could...
  7. trustwaves


    Tell me how you relax! I'm always in a state of stress / anxiety and can never relax. Xxx
  8. H

    Abandoned by AS boyfriend, is this common??

    Hello everyone. I am a 33 y/o Female NT recently in a 4 month relationship with a 33 y/o Male AS. It started out very full on, after 3 weeks he told me he was madly in love with me and shortly after said he was gonna marry me one day and that I was his everything. We were even planning on moving...
  9. carbon12

    How can you handle it?

    How? Don't you get tired of people telling you that you are wrong just because you were born certain way? I do. And I do feel tired of everything, even of myself... I can't handle that sound of claps, that smell of meat, that taste of egg, that spongy texture! I am tired. Of people telling me...
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