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adhd and asd

  1. JoSchi

    Survey about behavioral or developmental disorders for a study

    Hello there! As some of you know (Working on an app to support ASD) I'm currently looking to build something, together with my partner, to help people with ASD and other behavioral or developmental disorders. I faced a lot of challenges after my diagnosis and I'm sometimes stuck because the...
  2. C

    Sustaining passion for a Writing Project with Autism and Suspected ADHD?

    Even this forum post feels exhausting to start writing and is giving me a slight headache, which I guess is one sign of where I’m at. I don’t have an official ADHD Diagnosis. However, I do have Autism, and am on an NHS Waiting List for an ADHD Assessment. I have lots of passions in my life, but...
  3. OmoriKinnie

    What's the process of getting an ADHD diagnosis like?

    I have a question because I think I have ADHD as well as autism, but I haven't been diagnosed with the former yet. So for those who've been diagnosed with ADHD, what's the process like? Is it sexist like the autism diagnosis criteria? How would my parents react if I told them I wanted to take a...
  4. Hotwire

    Newbie to here

    Hi, I'm not sure how I got here. I have pro diagnosed classic autism and ADHD. I did reach a burnout phase after the death of my older brother and "regressed" a ton. I can't even mask effectively anymore and many of my old stims came back strong. He literally made the world bearable for me in...
  5. I

    update on my situation, bupropion vs ritalin and working at a hospital?

    Hi guys its been a while since my first post (you could check my profile for my rejection @ casino haha). Anyway I managed to finish my internship and have increased my dosage of Ritalin to 50mg. I have went to a follow up and has been advised to switch from bupropion to Ritalin. However, I...
  6. morax


    hello :) i use any name that starts with m, mostly "min" but i enjoy being called morax, meinki, or minerva as well. i do not use pronouns (im serious, not making fun of anyone), but they/them is ok if not using pronouns is difficult for you. i am 16, and i don't have an official asd diagnosis...
  7. h.hartzzx177


    Hello people of Autism Forums. I'd like to reintroduce myself quickly as I have been inactive since my first introduction. I do not announce my legal name online, but you may call me Blaise. I have both ADHD & ASD. My "special interest" is in most organisms of the Animalia kingdom. I'm an...
  8. J

    My Introduction c:

    So, my name is Scott and I am a 25 year old male, I was diagnosed with ASD (High Functioning) at 3. Along with it I have co morbid ADHD, along with bipolar depression I went through 15 years of speech therapy in numerous school systems (I moved yearly) and have come a long ways in terms of...
  9. Annaa

    Faking Neurodivergency

    Sorry, what i said was wrong i shouldn’t just assume that people are faking, since I don’t know what is going on in there head or how they feel, and it’s also not really any of my business, since I don’t really care if anyone is faking being neurodivergent or not. I will try to think more before...
  10. D

    Hi, This is Me

    I am a retired mentally-active man of mid-60's age, as of January 2022. I have only in recent years fully understood and accepted that I have AS-Lite and iADHD By AS-Lite (my term) I mean Asperger's By iADHD (my term) I mean Inattentive ADHD. I have also called it ADhD. ADD seems a more...
  11. SakuraRoseMilkTea

    Rainy Day Diary

    Hello! This blog is about my day to day life living as both a disabled person and as a NEET. I want to document the things I do, the music I listen to, the hobbies I practice and the outcomes of them, my thoughts on the world and random ramblings that come to mind.
  12. E

    I Wonder...

    Hey everyone! My name is Emily, and I’m 27 years old. I was diagnosed with severe ADHD at about age 21-22; Until then, I always wondered what was “wrong” with me. Since then, I’ve had quite a bit of success managing my varying symptoms with Adderall. I often wonder, however, if it’s possible...
  13. S

    Impact of ADHD treatment on ASD

    Hi there ! I hope everyone is fine and safe from the virus outbreak. This is going to be a long one because it's impacting a lot of different things a different way. I'm 35, I'm still waiting for my ASD assessment. But In january I've been diagnosed with ADHD. So I'v been on Methylphenidate for...
  14. Clueless in Canada

    Autism and ADHD

    I took a long break from this site and now I am back with questions. In the time I was away from here I was learning as much as I could about ADHD because I had come to the realisation that I probably have it. Currently I am self diagnosed ASD and ADHD and have an assessment sometime next...
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