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update on my situation, bupropion vs ritalin and working at a hospital?

Hi guys its been a while since my first post (you could check my profile for my rejection @ casino haha). Anyway I managed to finish my internship and have increased my dosage of Ritalin to 50mg. I have went to a follow up and has been advised to switch from bupropion to Ritalin. However, I noticed a decrease in mood. This is my own experience so do take it with a grain of salt.

Okay, when I first got on Ritalin I was given 20mg a day. The effects are great, I was able to focus on tasks that needs to be done, I no longer hyper focus on things that do not really matter and I feel less sensitive to distracting sounds.

This quickly turned into hyper focus on whatever I was doing, meaning that by the second week, I need to have some discipline to control what I need to do. I have to tell myself to do x @ y time, else I will hyper focus on random things. I also noticed a decrease in mood and minor fatigue during the night.

However, if I do start on something I can work on it hours on end, I studied 14 hours straight, played games 10 hours straight, doing chores for the entire afternoon, it was great. Compared to bupropion, which you cannot really tell the difference(you could only tell the difference when you STOP taking it not when you are TAKING it), Ritalin is different. It's like a switch, you KNOW when it is working and when it is not.

Since my internship has ended I am back at square one, looking for a job to pay my rent as I continue to study in uni. I have looked at roles in Auckland Airport but there's not lots going on right now. I did manage to find a role in hospital, as a 'general helper', just wondering does anyone have experience with that?

On a side note, in my previous post someone mentioned that there's a lot of software engineers on this forum too, so I might give this a shot:

I am looking for an internship (interested in any part time role), I am a second year computer science student from University of Auckland (first in course in python, A/A- gpa, A average across all computer science courses), I have one internship with a Microsoft Partner(obtained via Microsoft Student Accelerator). I have experience in React+ts, MERN stack, Power platform(deployed a couple production level internal tools), JUnit testing, .NET, and currently I want to lean towards Java ecosystem so springboot, spring, myBatis, etc.
I was on Concerta XL which is similar to Ritalin. I too found focus was better, and my irritation and overwhelm to certain stimuli was reduced. After 2 weeks the dose was doubled and I found the side effects, like with every other medication I tried was so overbearing and I felt extremely ill, anxious and had to discontinue the medication. Shame really, as the improved focus and noticeable reduction in triggers was very pleasant initially.


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