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  1. J

    Jimberry and the Couscous - Too much information #ActuallyAutistic #Ableism #RightToThrive #Neglect

    Jimberry and the Couscous - Too much information - Autism - Sensory Sensitivity - Failure to habituate - Inappropriate accommodation - Stress-induced Psychosis - Complex Traumatic Stress Disorder - Startle response - Errors in future prediction - Requiring much more specialised input - Denied...
  2. Homulilly

    [Update2] NT needs help connecting with autistic children (ABA trigger warning)

    Updated 4/27/2022. Current situation update. I'm trying to decide whether to stay or quit and need some suggestions. Thanks to all! This is on #32. Updated 3/14/2022. Compiled things I need help with without the triggering stories from my original post. This info is on #23. Please still proceed...
  3. An0maly_1976

    Ableism Gaslighting?

    Ooooookaaaaay... As anyone here knows, living with these conditions is hard enough when you have a support group -- family and / or friends who understand you and have the patience to process your idiosyncracies. Unfortunately, I am generally surrounded by ignorant and intolerant individuals...
  4. HDLSeanWiley

    Ableism in autism research

    I don't think anyone here will be surprised very much by this analysis of an autistic autism researcher about how much ableism is persistent in the autism research field.
  5. Jenisautistic

    Sensitive These schools are locking disabled students in closets YouTube video by Stephanie Bethany

  6. As sweet as-pie

    Clashing with extended in-laws

    Hi, I have always been very vocal about my political beliefs on my facebook page, where I'm friends with most of my partner's family. About 2 months ago, one of them commented on an image I shared stating their disagreement. I replied politely and tried to be as diplomatic as possible but she...
  7. c4e461

    Would you be interested in completing a survey on microaggressions?

    Hello again – my name is Jolynn Haney. In September I posted a request asking for folks to participate in a research project on Microaggressions. Most of the research on autism has focused on children, and many studies don't directly ask the autistic person for their views (instead they ask...
  8. c4e461

    Have you experienced microaggressions?

    Hi – my name is Jolynn Haney. I am a member of AutismForums. As I explained in another post, I am a parent to an adult daughter who is on the spectrum. She has inspired me to do research that can be used to educate the public about autism, particularly about women on the spectrum, and to...
  9. catdog55616

    How to get Support from Family Members about Pursuing a Diagnosis?

    I'd like to start by saying that about a year ago, I approached my mom about how I suspected I had Asperger's. I went through a list of observations I'd made about myself to my mom, asked questions about my earlier years, and she, for the most part, wholeheartedly agreed. When the both of us...
  10. Ylva


    At about three minutes he starts talking about ableism. Main lesson: Let's raid history. It did have some good ideas.
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