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Sensitive These schools are locking disabled students in closets YouTube video by Stephanie Bethany

Wow jen. I made it to five minutes. I think this one is better in small doses. Thank you for sharing
Fantastic video!!! I'm really impressed with how well you researched and presented it.

I agree, this is absolutely abhorrent.
IF thats actually the fact (we DONT know this. This a Youtube channel and IF this actually was the truth there would be mentioned in ord media as well ) then thats terrible (gasp )

BUT we ALL have to keep in mind that ANYONE with any agenda can make its own Chanel in Youtube . We have NO idea who`s behind this and benefit on getting this out. We all know that the net is over flooded with false news about us with NP diagnosis.

And clarify this NO im NOT in any way shape or form suport this treatment nor will i ever.
I watched it all the way through, and she gave plenty of verifiable evidence and examples throughout. I thought she made a terrific job of the presentation and her statements were well supported and balanced.

She's speaking particularly about Illinois, though I am sure the issue pertains in many places, however she was saying a move to as far as possible ban use of restraint in prone position of the children, was being hampered by some schools objections. The schools did not sound enlightened at all in the way they were handling behaviour. Their staff also were not adhering to their safety training as to how to use this measure.
As i said im not taking sides (if i did i would hope they are closed down and prosecuted ) . I just hope if this is corect thet the serios media picks this up and investigate this further & this horrible methods are emiditly banned.

I can say that sadly over here as well (and this HAVE been brought up on the serios media (incl news etc.... ) have all found MANY HORRIBLE miss treating of those higher up the severe Scale with NP diagnosis then i am so it happens over here as well im sad to say . (and belive me i was FURIOUS when i saw it as was the majority of us the viewers)

And needles to say all h.... Broke loose when it was discoverd.

I can also add the same just brought up with so called schools for us with NP diagnosis that just dont do their job properly and risk to be shut down

So as i said im afraid this miss treating or poor treating sadly seems to exist all over the globe and needs to b brought up in reliable media and sources so the general public can be aware of this things and force the government to act against this
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