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  • The local newspaper was sold and then shut down by the new owners. I am still paying $9.99/mo for website access. Tomorrow I will go to Redding and demand they stop charging me.
    The town of Weed, around 40 miles south, exists because of the winds. A lumber company scout noted that the constant southerly winds would dry out lumber faster, and the area was dense with redwood pines. The company built a sawmill and town named after the scout-Abner Weed.
    The wind is horrible here right now. 40 mph sustained with 60 mph gusts. It's been howling since around 10:30am local time yesterday. Every so often it shakes my home. Common up here, but takes getting used to.
    Got a spare key for my Kia made for half the cost of the dealer bc the salesman who sold me the car is drinking buddies with a guy who owns a mobile key cutting franchise.
    I have to get a key card done. The prices for these things from dealerships are ridiculous.
    Eurythmics | Here Comes The Rain Again (1984):

    I absolutely love this song when it rains, which is less and less thanks to climate collapse. It is raining today and tomorrow here though.
    I have a mouse in my house, and he's being mousy. Fortunately he's stuffed so he won't eat my food.

    @Misty Avich: in America "stuffed" can mean "eaten so much food that he can't move". I know you are not American, so it means something different.
    @Aspychata: I had a family of voles in my house in late 2022, they are mice only bigger. There were 1 male, 2 female, and 2 babies. I caught the male with a glue trap but then had to use snap traps for his paramours. I didn't find the babies until later. This plushie looks almost just like the voles.
    Maybe l had a vole, it was big, and had a tail like a rat. It sounded my furniture was moving around at night, it was so loud. It was the size of three mice.
    Ate the pumpkin pie, surprisingly good for a Walmart item. No room in my tummy for the stuffing though.
    Fortunately Raley's (the local full service grocery store) was open for a few hours so I was able to get a precooked turkey breast. My mom is actually offering to put a little money towards a new generator now.
    The local hawks and vultures had a half cooked turkey for Thanksgiving. :mad:
    :(:rolleyes: Of course the cheap old generator I have to use won't restart after refueling.
    My mom will have a half dozen people with her, and my uncle has some chef training, so he will supervise cooking the turkey and tell my aunt how to prep stuffing and potatoes and the rest. They all really like each other so they always have a great Thanksgiving.
    My generator will likely only have enough gas tank capability to run the oven for 40min or so, but the turkey will have to cook for twice that. I will have to switch it off halfway through, refuel it, and pray that it restarts.
    The family members were cordial to each other, so it at least wasn't like some families where they yell and/or get passive aggressive at each other. But my dad would keep telling me, get in from the yard, sit down, and have a conversation with us, you owe it to us.
    Bought a frozen turkey breast @ Safeway, heat-and-eat stuffing @ Rays (local supermarket chain), small pumpkin pie from Walmart of all places. Ready for a solo Thanksgiving, and am thankful for a solo Thanksgiving. I always hated Thanksgiving as a kid. I would be forced by my dad to participate in family conversations, which I hated.
    is hating the fact that I haven't been able to get started on providing my own food due to my mouth issues. I wasn't able to harvest acorns this year, and now I see the oaks going into hibernation while driving to Yreka.
    @tree: to prep acorns, you take off the "cap" then use a small hammer or rock to break the acorn into four pieces. (It does so naturally, you don't pound it.) Then you have to take off the hard outer shell with a knife.
    Then you have to mash down the inside nutmeat, in precolonizer times the Indigenes would use a mortar and pestle system, today everybody simply uses a blender. Then you cook the resulting mash with water until the bitter "tannin" is all leached out.
    Then you drain off the tannin-infused water. Then put the acorn meal in a bowl, grab a spoon, and bon appetit.
    I got an email from an Ebay posting of mine asking if I was near "Phoenix". At first I said no, then I thought that he probably means the small town near Medford and not the big city. So I email again. After I send that, I look at the guy's profile. He's in Mesa, ARIZONA. I apologized. Sheesh I am stupid.
    If he can see your profile and that you're in another state, I'm going to say he's the one who needs to get it together. I would've assumed the same as you.
    I am selling a broken generator, the one that died last summer. My ad clearly says pickup only, and Ebay ads always list a seller's location. I clearly state in the ad that I can deliver along Interstate 5 between Eugene, Oregon, and Corning, California. Nobody can use a map anymore. Sheesh.
    The best password manager is an index card box and a notepad. It is pretty difficult to hack, and costs very little. Paying through your butt for an online based password vault only to have it hacked and your social media accounts suddenly touting get rich scams is pretty stupid.
    Misty Avich
    Everything's best done on pen and paper. I miss those days.
    I deliberately put too many blankets on me last night so I could sweat out the residual poisons left in my body from eating too much refined sugar last summer when I was in Sacramento. Last week I used citrate to cleanse my digestive system. I feel tired but less sick.
    First real rainstorm of the season here. 1 inch of rain at my property according to the cheap rain gauge I found at a garage sale over the summer.

    One of the few redeeming qualities of "the most horrible time of the year" is maple candy from Vermont!


    Costs a fortune but well worth it. Yum! Buy it on Ebay since Amazon forces you to have it shipped from an Amazon warehouse.
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