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Recent content by 142857

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    Do people generally see self-diagnosis as an adult sufficient?

    I prefer "self identify" to "self diagnosis". I'm not a doctor, I can't diagnose myself. I can, however, see that my life experiences are very similar to a lot of aspies, and dissimilar to most NTs, so in the absence of diagnosis one way or the other I self-identify with the group I have most in...
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    Never had a girl talk to me, is that normal?

    I didn't have a girlfriend until I was 36. I married my 2nd girlfriend and we have 2 children. I am 52 years old now. Don't try to run before you can walk. If you've never even had a conversation with a girl work on that: having a conversation when you get the chance. Try to prompt her to talk...
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    How fast do you read?

    I struggled to learn to read. When it finally clicked I went from not being able to read to reading at an adult level within a few months when I was 6 or 7 years old. My son did precisely the same thing. I stayed at pretty much the same level of reading skill and speed for the next 10 years...
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    People with autism having children

    What an awful thing to say to your child. I have one awesome aspie kid and one awesome overachieving NT kid.
  5. 1


    Thanks. There is a story behind it.
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    What were you doing on September 11, 2001

    I was working on a project at a bank in Slovenia when it happened. First I heard it was a light plane, then the facts slowly trickled in. We were trying to follow the news on the Internet but the major news sites were very slow. When we finished work I went back to my room and watched events...
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    I was a programmer for more than 20 years. Being able to visualise processes and run them inside your head is useful. Being good with numbers is useful.
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    Timekeeping and Being Late

    I've been chronically late my whole life. Late for school, late for work, late for everything. Finally, at nearly 49 years of age, I am getting to be reasonable at getting places on time. Executive dysfunction doesn't help.
  9. 1

    How is your mobile browsing experience.

    I can't work out how to do a search using my iPhone. Apart from that it's still all good.
  10. 1

    Do You Feel Like An Alien?

    I've always felt like I was a strange, dysfunctional human. I've always felt very different to other people, but never really thought of myself as an alien. Freak, yes.
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    Showering in a time machine

    Like a lot of people on the spectrum I am sensitive to heat, so I can only have a warmish shower. I used to lose track of time in the shower, it is a soothing experience and it is very easy to slip into a state of meditation. These days I am in and out fairly quickly, and I only shampoo my...
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    Religion Thread

    I am an atheist. I stopped believing in God about the same time as I stopped believing in Santa Claus, so I was 8 or 9 years old. I thought the whole God and religion thing was made up for kids, and I spent years expecting that someone was going to break it to me. I worked out the truth in...
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    Autism/AS - NT love, is it possible?

    It is usually going to be much more difficult for the typical shy aspie guy to find a girlfriend. If you spend enough time around aspie forums you will see what I mean. I could go into the reasons why, but they are pretty obvious. It is much more difficult for a shy aspie guy, for example...
  14. 1

    Identity Crisis

    What I was referring to was a stereotype. Obviously not all aspies are oblivious to fashion and their place in society. A fairly common characteristic among aspies that I have encountered (mostly online) is that we tend to have a small number of friends who are generally misfits themselves in...
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