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Recording symptoms

I need to do this in diagnostic criteria examples which ill do later....for now these are the symptoms i think fit into the criteria in no special order

I walk on my toes because i hate how the floor feels on the soles of my feet. i would walk on my toes in public if it wasn't seen as weird

i could eat tacobell everyday if my husband didnt tell me otherwise

certain sounds drive me ****ing crazy! for example the fan on the stove or bathroom. Certain music does it too and my bird. It is literally uncomfortable, I cannot even! When the sound stops i have so much relief.

I have a hard time making and keeping friends

I have a hard time talking, articulating in typing is easy. I sound like an idiot while speaking

I hate wearing pants, when i get home from work i put on my pjs or gym clothes. I often wear dresses when i'm not at work

I need plans but suck at making them

I hate to travel

randomly hate milk, corn, cottage cheese

replaying the same part of a song for hours.

strong smells put me off

I can hear the floors creaking in the apartment above me but cant hear my husband speaking right next to me. Had several hearing test done as a child to find out if i could hear properly. hearing was fine.

needed classes for reading and speech till i was in 3rd grade.

dyslexia with speech and reading comprehension problems

suffer with anxiety

social activities make me anxious, loud places are over stimulating. Get snappy when i'm that way. I always feel bad for not being able to stay longer.

social makes me feel tired both physically and emotionally.

certain fabrics drive me crazy. itchy, hurt.

get overheated easily or cold

like the texture of hair in my mouth

standing in one spot and spinning from side to side

at work i rock in place, kick my legs at my register. constantly popping my knuckles, playing with my box cutter(it makes a click when pressed up or down) sometimes i only focuz on the sound but i rarely get that kind of time to myself at work

I think i mostly stim at work. at home i tip toe and rock just a little. I'm less stressed at home.

stims ive done growing up:
pressing fingers into eyelids to see the colors
staring at a light bulb to see the colors
hands over my ears while making zzzzzz sounds or humming
banging head against wall or couch

i used to hit myself to get buzzing out of my head

i need directions from my superiors to be specific and detailed for me to understand what needs to be done.

my thumb is double jointed so i moved my thumb where it pops in and out

read books on body language and tried to applyt hem to myself.
people often mistake my body language for disinterest even when i feel engaged.
often see my neutral face and mistake it for anger or sadness when i am perfectly fine

days when ii dont like being touched. random and light touches bother me theyre unwanted. i dont like to be touched. hugs are invasive unless i want to be hugged.

wake up in the middle of the night and stay awake for several hours

not knowing how to start conversations of my own and when in conversations not knowing appropriate time to interrupt to get my word in. often my say is never recieved because of this.

when asked how are you i often say good and walk away realizing later i should of asked back.

when customers come to ask me a question i do not stop to look at them. i answer everything they want without stooping my previous task unless i need to show them where an item is. there are times when they begin to get rude with me because of the lack of eye contact and i remember people NEED eye contact to prove you are listening to them and are being sincere

been told by others that i am quite, always reading, stuck up, too good to talk to them, ect

boucing legs while sitting, crossing legs on chair for pressure

bright lights make me dizzy. lights at a store i worked at were lined in a way that made the store brighter and optically nauseating resulting in constant dizziness

low blood sugar makes me stim A LOT


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