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  1. Patsy

    Adult diagnosis stories?

    For those who were diagnosed later in life, what are your stories? What made you or others suspect you were on the spectrum? What was the diagnosis process like if you received an official assessment?
  2. M

    Difference between having autistic traits and being autistic

    I have a couple questions: 1. Does every autistic person have autistic traits? (I assume yes. I just want to make sure.) 2. If yes to #1 - What else besides autistic traits do autistic people have that isn't found in people with autistic traits who aren't autistic?
  3. Crossbreed

    Coronavirus Pandemic: Practical Hints...

    I went to make our monthly supply shopping trip last night and discovered that there was a run on toilet paper, bar soap and hand sanitizer, due to the coronavirus scare. (I was able to find toilet paper at a more obscure location, but it cost more than we normally expect to pay.) I wasn't...
  4. Daydreamer


    Sometimes I hear this term come up in conversations about autism, what are some examples of masking behaviour? Is it mainly subconscious, or is it intentional? Perhaps it varies per individual... Do you find yourself masking your behaviour?
  5. D

    Cuticle picking - stimming?

    Hello again! I was wondering if cuticle picking could be classified as stimming. I've been doing this for as long as I can remember, especially when I'm stressed. Either way, I always need to do something with my hands. This is unfortunately kinda destructive, but it's gotten better over the...
  6. D

    Overactive mind - an aspie thing?

    Hello! I've just recently realized that I'm probably a high-functioning aspie. At least, this would explain so many things in my life that didn't make sense until now. I've always had a very overactive mind. Meaning, it just goes on all the time, it spreads in all directions but it also has...
  7. Desertphile

    I loathe introductions, "self" or otherwise.

    Several people (all of them complete strangers I have never met) have mentioned over the years via Internet forums that the way I talk and act in my YouTube channel's videos suggested to them that I have "Asperger's Syndrome." One person even made a video mocking me, speaking like how I speak...
  8. JoyChaos

    Recording symptoms

    I need to do this in diagnostic criteria examples which ill do later....for now these are the symptoms i think fit into the criteria in no special order I walk on my toes because i hate how the floor feels on the soles of my feet. i would walk on my toes in public if it wasn't seen as weird i...
  9. dragoncat16

    What are the symptoms of neurotypical syndrome?

    A popular notion here and elsewhere on the internet is that aspies occupy one part of the entire human neuro spectrum, and that Asperger syndrome (or type 1 ASD) in itself is not a disability. What if we were the majority and what we call "neurotypicals" were the odd ones (though we would be the...
  10. The Midge

    Foriegn Languages

    I'm wondering if it is just me or an Autism thing. I find learning languages very difficult. It might be that the conversation "This pen is blue" or introductions and conversation seem pointless. Or perhaps it is overcoming the social phobias to practice the phrases I learn. Maybe I can't get...
  11. M

    Do those symptoms sound like ASD?

    I'm not asking for a diagnosis, it recently dawned on me that my father might be autistic, He's 67 so I'm not going to do anything about it, I just want some closure after growing up in my toxic family that wasn't perfect otherwise anyways. So here are some examples: - walks into the room and...
  12. A

    Questioning my diagnosis

    hi everyone. I was diagnosed with borderline ASD/NVLD back in September of 2015. As a child I met full criteria for Asperger's syndrome. However I am beginning to question it. It seems that diagnosing ASD is very difficult to do since I am also GAD and ADHD. I function fine with medicine...
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