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Autism symptoms I have and don't have

- I don't have sensory issues with bright lights, smells, touch or taste. Yes I have a phobia thing of clothing tags but it's more down to OCD than sensory

- I am able to lie and understand theory of mind

- I can understand body language, face expressions and tone of voice well

- I get obsessions but don't really have any special interests even as a child

- Some change I don't like but I don't follow a rigid routine, often I prefer to 'play it by ear'

- I don't do the common autistic stims like hand-flapping or rocking, no matter how anxious or stressed I'm feeling

- I naturally make eye contact

- I laugh a lot and I get jokes

- I am not very good at reading or taking in facts or memorizing them

- I enjoy gossip and people interest me, and I find myself getting emotionally involved and attached to people without realising until it's too late

- I don't get exhausted from socialising, and I like engaging with my colleagues at work no matter how I'm feeling

- I don't struggle with the emotional/communication part of a romantic relationship, in fact I find it easy and natural

- I recognise and understand my own and other people's emotions

- I understand NT behaviour quite a lot and can relate to NTs except when it comes to alcohol and drugs, but many Aspies do alcohol and drugs too so it isn't anything to do with ASD

- I am socially driven and affectionate, which is where the autism criteria doesn't resonate with me and I find it frustrating

The autism symptoms I DO have are:-

- Unusual/intrusive thoughts that can really affect my emotions and I can obsess over

- Being too sensitive

- Becoming obsessed (fixated) on a thought that is making me anxious, and not being able to stop worrying about it until I have gotten enough reassurance from people I trust

- Not always knowing where the balance is between being too intrusive and being aloof

- Being socially awkward when it comes to asking questions to people about themselves, I don't ask many questions and if I do it's sometimes a stupid question

- Finding it hard to stand up for myself in conflict (I can do it easier online but it seems to be much harder offline)

- Needing time away from all the demands of society and rules (ie, staying home), only working part-time because of this

- Sensory issues with certain noises, though not as bad as most Aspies but I can be easily startled at certain everyday loud sudden noises, and easily annoyed too, and have ear sensitivity (ears hurting at certain pitches), my brain often focuses on certain loud noises more than what it should focus on

- I don't like change, as in things like a close family member having a baby or a new set of houses being built in a familiar place, that sort of thing

- My fears and phobias rule my life

- Being a shut-in through adolescence because of having no friends or 'fly by night' friends only, also being emotionally immature for my age


I find that rigid routines is a bit touch and go, because it takes a lot of processing to make them in the first place. For example, with traveling, I had the habit of not packing until I had to and just taking a credit card to my destination. Now I have a redundant bathroom set which I throw in and count out the number of outfits I need. Done.

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