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Who else doesn't want kids?


Well-Known Member
No, I have no interest in having kids. I can't imagine myself as a mother, I'm selfish and short-tempered and I can't stand children hollering in my ear.
I want teenagers. they already walk, talk, and use the bathroom on their own. so I plan on adopting teens when it comes to that. I don't mind other people's kids; I even helped potty-train one, but 24/7 baby patrol is not me.


Well-Known Member
When I was a kid myself, I thought that other kids were incomprehensible, terrifying and made way too much noise for too little reason. That has not really changed as I've gotten older.

I haven't totally written off the possibility, but the job requires more resources (of every kind) than I have available to give now or any time soon.
My partner feels the same way.


I have some missing posts.
I never wanted any kids for a long time. I was the only girl in my little group of friends who didn't want them. I wanted a career and while I was interested in getting married, I didn't want to do that until later on in life. Most of them ended up wanting to marry early and have lots of kids, and only work to supplement their husbands income.

Odd thing happened though. I married my husband when I was 22, never finished college either time (left once to get married and the second time when I was pregnant with my first baby. It was a different major) and ended up as mainly a housewife but working from time to time when we needed the money or I just want to do something other than stay home with the kids because I was going crazy. I got pregnant a year after marriage even though we weren't trying, and then ended up having three more babies, so I had four kids in total.
The three girls who were my friends back then either married and divorced or never married. They all have good careers. None of them had kids either, so as it turns out they got the career life that I wanted and I got the husband and kids they wanted. One of them tells me that I had their kids for them because having four kids, that's one child per girl back then. One for me and one for each friend lol.

My younger daughter says she never wants kids and I told her she may not, but she may change her mind when she gets older. You never know.


So buzz off!
V.I.P Member
I never wanted kids, ever. I simply can't handle them. Babies are cute when they belong to somebody else and you coo at them for 5 seconds in the supermarket, but full time? No way. My mom kept telling me I'd change my mind. I made an appointment for a vasectomy when I was 32 and my mom found out and yelled at me until I cancelled it. I was enraged. But it turns out that women aren't interested in me anyway, at least desirable women aren't, all the women I've dated had severe mental/emotional problems. So I've settled into being voluntarily celibate.
No, because I don't think I could give a kid a quality life and there's certain genes I don't want to pass on. Not to mention there's already an overabundance of people in this world.


Well-Known Member
Although I appreciate children and their untethered imaginations, I simply don't have any desire for raising my own, nor do I think I could handle the huge responsibilities like making sure the child is safe and receiving adequate nurturing. Plus, I have a tendency for self-doubt. I think a fair number of real gentlemen don't wish to have kids, so that finding the best match should be doable. I hear it serves one best to try to be happy with oneself, but I still struggle with that myself.


Well-Known Member
Not now. It'd be too much for me, sensorilly speaking and mentally. Maybe when I'm like 40, 50..... and there are old dads out there. So I'm just biding my time, really.


Speaking through Pictures
V.I.P Member
Huh? Is this like an Aspie joke cause I don't get it. :confused:
I think it is a play on the fact that the phrase 'do you want kids' is similar to phrases used to ask if a person wants something to eat eg. Do you want fries?

I found it funny but I don't know if that is because of being an aspie or because of my sense of humour.


Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
Vinca explained perfectly. I think its just that I have a wacky sense of humour and not strictly Aspie related.


Well-Known Member
I like the idea of being a parent, to help society by attempting to build a good person, but I'll never have biological kids, or adopt. I just don't like the idea of explaining to someone that the world isn't a nice place, a lot of the time, and seeing them experience it firsthand. I'm just too sensitive for that. In a fantasy world, I'd probably have kids if I found the right partner. After all, I do want to see evolved people propagating the species. I'm just not a good candidate.
As an aspie who has had a child, I never want to have children. I love having a child but I was constantly stressed out with all the social aspects expected from a parent. It's hard enough to stand up for yourself, work for a living, rely or constantly obligated to family.
It. Was. Horrible.


Well-Known Member
No, I never wanted kids for 4 basic reasons:

Fear of childbirth and associated pain
Fear of responsibility - not being a good mother, not being able to meet the child's needs, not being able to bond as a mother should.
I seem to have no maternal intincts
Sensory difficulties: crying, noise, smells.

Believe it or not it comes as instinct to many. Like sexual habits regardless of your personal feelings some people have certain urges or desires they cannot control.


Well-Known Member
I don't want children but if I wanted to have children I would have either with whoever I'd be with or another girl.


Active Member
When I was little I wanted to have kids, but I'm not sure if it was because I wanted them or because I thought that's what you're supposed to do. When I hit my teens I came to the conclusion I didn't want them and truthfully I doubt I'd be suited for the job. I don't really have patience and I'm very self centered. Being in a relationship is already hard enough and I feel I'd fall short if I would have to take care of one or more kids. I like being able to do what I want, when I want it. With kids this isn't possible and I do believe that if you have kids your time should be devoted to raising them. Besides I'm pretty certain that if I'd have kids with the SO that I'd be the one raising them and I really don't feel like solo parenting. ;)

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