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  1. C

    How to curb hyperfixation and depression with ASD

    I am a young adult who is awaiting my second official diagnoses/test for autism spectrum disorder. If that information helps anyone. I am struggling a lot wirh this since I am one who does not present as obviously as others and I am a pro at masking. It feels lonely having no one to talk to or...
  2. H

    How can I stop catastrophizing?

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here, and it’s about something I’ve been struggling with for a while. right now I’m a bit lost on what to do and would like some help with my problem. For the last couple of years I have delved into some unsavoury things regarding politics, generally terrible...
  3. C

    Sustaining passion for a Writing Project with Autism and Suspected ADHD?

    Even this forum post feels exhausting to start writing and is giving me a slight headache, which I guess is one sign of where I’m at. I don’t have an official ADHD Diagnosis. However, I do have Autism, and am on an NHS Waiting List for an ADHD Assessment. I have lots of passions in my life, but...
  4. Georgia's Aspie Blog

    Fictional Affection

    Serious Side Kirby looks adorable but he's actually a murderous rampager. That's characters for you. Most characters look adorable or visually appealing, but they still exhibit bad traists like violence, rudeness and so on so forth, even if the art style looks friendly. Truth Characters have the...
  5. Dalia

    Finishing a project to do with an obsession

    Hi, I've had a special interest for a specific show (in particular a specific season of that show) since the end of 2019 and when the show ended mid last year it was really difficult for me. To have something to hold onto for it I started turning the season into a book because I enjoy writing...
  6. V

    "Emptiness" without Special Interest?

    Does anyone else both not have a special interest/obsession or anything, but feel like you should have one but not in a "you need one to be autistic" way? Moreso I mean feeling like you need something to completely focus on and maybe obsess about but not having anything like that, and therefore...
  7. 8398

    Tea Obsession

    Starting to explore loose leaf teas that are supposedly more authentic, mostly Japanese and Chinese types. May also talk about fresh herbal brews.
  8. Milliecat


    i have this thing where all of the sudden i get hyperfixated on a person, like a youtuber or an artist. I may not even have watched or listened to their stuff before, or just had like a song or two I liked by them or watched a coupleof their videoes. Then something just sticks in my brain...
  9. Vindicator Phoenix

    Hijack the Conversation Topic!

    Okay, here's the plan, people! Someone above is you is gonna talk about something! Do whatever you can, to transition their topic into something you like. It doesn't matter how much your interest differs from theirs! If you can find a tiny speck of relevance, to your interest, capitalize on...
  10. techteach

    Overwhelming Melt-down Question

    Hi guys, I need help. Please. And I know this post will sound crazy... I have been working (maybe obsessed?) with a project for months. Finally got a break from school and time to build it. Set up yesterday to do so but every time I was ready to start I would get interrupted. I'd have to shut...
  11. H

    What does it mean??

    I have a friend who has autism. She likes to take all of her toys out of the plastic bins they're in and put them on the floor every once in a while. When asked to clean up, she is compliant. She doesn't take the toys out of the bin out of anger, but more methodically. Today, she took out all of...
  12. C

    Aspie always wants to wear glasses

    My 12 year old son is high functioning. A year ago I got him glasses to diminish the blue light from screens (since he spends so much time on them.) Ever since then, he refuses to take them off at all. If I take them away for a few minutes he gets a headache and hides his face. I know he’s...
  13. Cogitatio

    Reading obsession

    I love to read and that tends to isolate me. So when I am with my partner I get agitated that I don't have time to read. So to solve this I created a room into a library of all my books (all reference books) and sometimes its enough just to go into my library and look at the books I have yet...
  14. Daydreamer

    How my interest in cats began.

    Since I feel in the mood to talk about it. :D Besides, perhaps some people will find this to be an interesting (yet admittedly rather lengthy) story. When I was younger I had three toy cats, although the count would go up to four if you included my sister's soft toy which she would often lend...
  15. L

    Introducing myself

    Hello, my name is LisaR and I live in NJ. I do not have Asperger's Syndrome, but my 29 year old son was diagnosed at 14 with Asperger's Syndrome, Bi-Polar, Borderline Personality Disorder and ODD. When he was a little we knew he was bright, but just thought he was the type of kid who was a...
  16. Jena

    Does anyone else do this with their special interest too?

    Hey y'all so was curious if anyone else does this, where they literally have a difficult time buying stuff UNLESS it's related to special interest. Like with me, it is animals. Every single thing I buy has always and I mean always been around animals. I can't buy something if it's not animal...
  17. sisselcakes

    How to Help with Managing Anxiety

    So this is gonna sound as though I’m wading into codependency territory because I’m going to ask for advice on how to help my boyfriend cope with anxiety; however, while I am concerned about him, it’s not altogether altruistic. I’m asking because it affects our relationship and it causes me...
  18. M

    Does anyone associate numbers with specific colors?

    Since I was young, I’ve been doing this with numbers 1-9 1- Light Blue 2- Darker Blue 3- Light Green 4- Normal Blue 5- Red 6- Dark Green 7- Brown 8- Yellow 9- Purple
  19. M

    How do you make a distinction between obsessions/compulsions caused by OCD and by aspergers/autism?

    Just wondering because I think I may have either both or just one.
  20. superawesomeme

    Attraction to Obsession

    This has probably been posted so many times before by others, but a quick, lazy scan of the bored bore no fruit, so I figured I'd post it. The problem is going from attraction to obsession, faster than the speed of light. I used to think it was love at first sight, but it's more likely just a...
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