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What is Your Pet Doing Right Now?


May also contain missing cakes.
V.I.P Member
in this picture his head and body looks oversizd and the legs very tiny.

but they really look like that lol. they look really lazy.


That's a bull type (Dog V4 is a terrier type). They are much chunkier and have extra laziness included as standard.


I'm from the other end of the spectrum.
V.I.P Member
A friend once told me that when God made dogs he got all their bung holes mixed up and that's why they go around sniffing each other. They're all looking for their own.


Lioness of Spoons
V.I.P Member

Just a dog and a leash, right? No big deal, right? As with all things the meaning is in the context. This particular leash I've had for more than 20 years, (originally purchased for my Shiba Inu, Snowie clear back in middle school).

It has seen a lot of use and a lot of road work with different dogs, most notably, my adored Rue Dog. This leash is more than twice his age, which is 12. And something as simple as a basic leather leash is a reminder of the legacy a good dog leaves, even after they are gone.

Snowie was the first dog I learned how to train and what I could get her to do was amazing. Those skills and a lot of trail and error helped make Rue the awesome dog he is today. He's not perfect by any means, but he is a good dog in all the ways that truly matter.


charm & chaos
V.I.P Member
We discovered this super creepy place in the woods yesterday...
This is pretty deep into the forest, and we kept hearing a running water sound, so naturally I assumed it was a stream or a waterfall, but it was a fully functioning fountain in the middle of a pond... turns out there's a building back there, but I don't know if it's still in use or not. There were no people around as far as I could tell.
If the fountain is still going and the building isn't, that's super weird.

I kept half-expecting a witch to jump out of the woods, lol. My dog was super alert the whole time so he probably sensed something that I couldn't. We got creeped out and didn't stick around too long.



Lioness of Spoons
V.I.P Member

Mr. Smarty Paws walked face first into a streetlight on our walk tonight because he wasn't paying attention. (He was fine, just mortified that he had an audience to his ignominious maneuver.)


Lioness of Spoons
V.I.P Member

When Potato Cat realised he was photobombed by Rue Dog...and his utter disappointment in me as a human for allowing it to happen.


Lioness of Spoons
V.I.P Member

Potato Cat literally just looked at Rue Dog and he goes into drama queen mode.


This photo, Rue Dog has legitimate reason to complain, but Mr. Smarty Paws is oblivious to the active plotting of Potato Cat. (Yes, I redirected Potato Cat with a toy so he didn't pounce on Rue Dog's head.)
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