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What is Your Pet Doing Right Now?


charm & chaos
V.I.P Member
Since I was just talking to someone else about Linda, I realized she hasn't made an appearance in a while, so here she is!
She is a rescue from Puerto Rico, and I was told that she was all kinds of different things but it turns out that she's a mostly purebred Podengo Portugueso Pequeno. They are a very rare breed so I'm not surprised the shelter wasn't able to tell what she was.
But she's absolutely NOT part Corgi. Lol. That was what they initially told me! I would believe Chihuahua before I would believe Corgi, even for a second.

DSC_0006 (2).JPG

I spoilered these because they take up a lot of room. But pictures of purebred Podengos for comparison.
Pictured below are actual purebred Portuguese Podengos, that I photographed at a dog show. They look a lot more like her than what the shelter told me she was (Chihuahua/Rat Terrier/Corgi/Shiba Inu. What??)
Podengos come in a smooth haired variety and a wire haired variety. Both are pictured.
Not the greatest angle on their faces for comparison but you can see the ears and coloring.

She is most likely Podengo/Chihuahua but a few people have told me they think she is purebred. And it's hard to tell in the picture I posted of her, but she is tiny. All of my other dogs are extra-large breeds.


You know what? Here's a better comparison, actually (Google images)


Active Member
Learning to drive, apparently?? (the car was off, we were just sitting in the driveway)
Jin is my service dog, he goes with me everywhere <3


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New Member
Even though, I can't imagine how much worse I would have felt if there wasn't my dog. My life has changed so much since the moment I've got my dog, now he is a part of me it feels like. It's so important to have an emotional support animal if you're going through some trouble in your life, or suffer from emotional damage. I am glad that at least it now it's easier than ever to register your emotional support animal, this makes the process faster and available for a larger number of people.

Forest Cat

Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
View attachment 82690

This is Rue Dog. Rue Dog went off on a barking frenzy this afternoon and scared a middle schooler into hysterics...for a very good reason.

Rue Dog and I had just gotten home from a cardiology appointment and because the weather is nice we've had the windows open. Our big pictures are locked when I'm not home, but I opened them when I got home for air and because Potato Cat loves to sit in the window. The air here today is cool and still, voices carry. (This factor will matter in a moment...).

Two girls 11 - 13 were walking up our street and I heard one tell the other, her mother said she could have a cat if she found one. Apparently the family had been turned away by the local humane society, (yes, it was eavesdropping, but then again they were very loud.) The girls walked off and I figured that was the end of it.

Cardiology took a lot out of me today and I dozed off for a bit. Next thing I know Rue Dog goes flying off the end of my bed in an absolute frenzy and Potato Cat is spitting and hissing in rage. I race out to the living room and see the taller of the two girls tripping backward out of our lilac bush in front of the open window. She ran up the street screaming bloody murder.

Rue Dog's charge took her completely by surprise. He's fast, he's uber loud, and he is a dog who means business.

The screen on the living room window had been forced open a couple of inches, right in front of Potato Cat's favourite perch. It wasn't wide enough for Rue Dog to get his nose through, and it didn't take a great leap of logic to figure out what had been going on...Rue Dog leapt to the defense of his pack.

I called the non-emergency number and reported the trespassing and petty vandalism. I also told them the conversation I had overheard. (Not the first time this family has been reported, usually it's noise complaints, (the aforementioned screamer). I just wanted something on record, just in case.

Turned out to be a smart move. The would be trespasser informed her mother she was attacked by a vicious dog at large in the neighborhood. I had photos of my screen, the window, Potato Cat, and Rue taken seconds after he scared the crap out of the kid.

Animal control knocked on my door about ten minutes after city patrol left. They were shown the police report I had filed and were informed my service dog was acting in defense of his home, on private property, thwarting a trespassing attempt into said residence.

City partol came back while animal control was there stating they had a report of a stolen cat. Namely, the would be burglar tried to claim that I stole Potato Cat from her...(this is when things enter a whole new level of stupid.) They now had a name and address of the culprit.

Everyone who knows me, knows Potato Cat and his story. He has Facebook and IG accounts I post to multiple times a week. Three years of vet records, a registered microchip, license records, his ID tag, and the phone number of the friend who gave me Potato Cat.

Tell me I took this cat...these patrol officers were having trouble keeping a straight face at this point. Couldn't get the dog impounded, so why not get the cat taken away...yeah.

Patrol and animal control went back to the kid and her mother with the evidence of what actually happened and clear proof of ownership of the contested cat...whole story came out.

Kid figured if she took Potato Cat her mother would let her keep him since he was 'abandoned'. She hadn't figured on Potato Cat and Rue Dog putting up such a struggle. Potato Cat, it turns out swiped at her when she forced the screen open. He drew blood, but is not in any trouble because of the trespassing and unlawful entry. Potato Cat was defending himself and his home.

Kid got the scratches treated and her mother got fined for filing a false police report.

I know kids can do stupid things, but I hope this lesson stays with this kid. I can't imagine doing something not only illegal, but also morally bankrupt. Maybe this incident will serve as a wake up call.

View attachment 82694
Holy crap. I can't believe they tried to steal your cat, out of your home through a window. If someone tried to steal my cat or dog they would have to quickly move far away.


V.I.P Member
Another thread idea that came to me last night that could be fun. Though if you post gibberish we'll know that your cat is walking on your keyboard!

Post a pic if you would like!

I'll start;

Dog V4 is begging for Mum's porridge bowl.
He's sleeping on the couch. Again. All the time. Norm's a cat though.


charm & chaos
V.I.P Member
He pooped all over my floor, then stepped in it, and ran around my house tracking poop everywhere.
He’s lucky he’s cute. Lol


“It wasn’t me”

Orange Glasses

Well-Known Member
He pooped all over my floor, then stepped in it, and ran around my house tracking poop everywhere

That is the main reason I keep a ready-to-go Hoover Rug Shampoo machine near the dog area. Used it yesterday when they decided to run around the property shortly after their dinner.

Pixie was kind enough to wait until she came back into the house to throw up on the new rug, but the rug shampoo machine cleaned it up in short order. You may want to think about getting one Luca.

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