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What activities do you like to do for fun?


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I like to swim sing draw go to my special needs programs and Saturdays in the summer
I also like to listen to music and at times read and trying to write.
I love to read all kinds of books, I also listen to music.
Apart from that, I watch Anime or look for stuff on the internet.
When I can spare time, I like to walk in the mountains or go to a zoo.
Gaming, reading, writing, sailing, cycling, cooking, singing, dancing, watching series.
I love being outside and encountering creatures. And many other things but I think this is my favorite.
Bush walking.

Once the kids are older I'll get back into;
Mountain biking.
Today I got vigorous exercise, ate healthy and had a full day. I used to do art but I don't have the patience anymore. What are some things you guys do for fun?
I play Magic the Gathering at my LGS (Local Game Store) Friday Nights; will be 4 years of me playing it this September

Lots of friendly people throughout the community, though naturally there are the occasional Snobs but for me personally, they've been non-existent.
Cycled for some time today, worked in my garden, played with my cats. Vacuumed up cat hair. Brought my coffee outside and sketched for awhile. Read a short biography about Wilfred Grenfell, watched a nature program about cranes on the japanese island of Hokkaido.
Roasted some carrots and asparagus and potatoes for dinner. Watched some fireworks in the distance, as it's Canada Day here.
Hmmm. Most of my hobbies do require some degree of patience. But being retired, I have plenty of time.

Spent a lot of time converting and editing all my music to MP3 format. Still do digital photography and am fluent in Photoshop. Once in a while I also do plastic modeling as well.

My latest art project was editing digital artwork suitable for framing and hanging them on my walls. (I hate staring at blank walls.)
plenty of exercise landscaping my garden.

going on adventures with the dog.

trying to figure out how new phone can best serve me.
loving the camera and enjoying finding music to download.

also trying to figure out the best way to organise and suspend the planets for a baby cot mobile.
Today I got vigorous exercise, ate healthy and had a full day. I used to do art but I don't have the patience anymore. What are some things you guys do for fun?

Sounds like a productive day!

I write. Well, I haven’t in a while, kind of stuck in a rut, like you with your art. But I’m determined to keep going until I inevitably get out of it again. There’s always been a natural ebb and flow with writing for me, largely dependent on what’s going on in my life.

Otherwise I play video games and connect with others about games (mostly story games and RPGs) and I’ve begun to stream on Twitch which has been an interesting experience, though I’ve taken a break for a bit as I deal with some appointments and things.

Music production is another big one for me, though like writing it ebbs and flows. But I’ll constantly be listening to music or podcasts about all the nerdy stuff I enjoy.

I also read a lot, and keep a bullet journal (I love fountain pens and other stationery) and play with my cats.

I’d love more outdoor activities, but I’m just not that keen on the sunshine, sad as it sounds. It’s hot and bright and... blah. My partner is getting into gardening. Maybe it’ll rub off on me eventually.

Edit: Oh! I almost forgot. Photography is another one. Street photography in particular. I guess that’s the closest I’ve got to an outdoor hobby.
  • Association football, AKA "soccer" (playing and watching)
  • Gaming
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening to music
  • Posting here (whether I can be a dork or a supportive friend, I love coming here, and I love you all, <3)

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