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Venting: The Adoration of Normalcy


Claritas Prayer Group#9435
I was angry about this earlier, I'm not angry now, but I still, just need to post this to get it off my chest: I'm just sick and tired of the idolization of normalcy. I'm not necessarily talking about social norms, I'm talking about the lukewarm, "everything is fine" mentality of people blindly accepting the status quo, regardless of how tyrannical and immoral it may be. Whether it's conservatives denying that bullying is a problem, or liberal and conservative Catholics denying that our Church is in, I honestly believe, (due to one, specific controversial event, but that's a whole other controversial topic for another time.) the worst crisis ever to blight Her in Her two thousand year history; so many just value normalcy more than they value any moral code or perceived higher good.

The cold hard fact, is that most people in the world are small "c" conservatives, they don't value any moral ideal of any conservative philosophy, they just want the comfort and convenience of whatever norm there is, again, regardless of how bad it is. I heard that in the Middle Ages, most people weren't really that Catholic at all, honestly that doesn't surprise me, I've read many account before and after hearing that, of medieval Saints converting people (in Catholicism, conversion means more than just saying your Catholic, or even taking up Catholic practices) in predominantly Catholic cities and countries. Yes, as my Faith teaches, the norm of humanity in this world is, one of my favourite Latin words, labis, the catastrophic decay of Original Sin; not only does everyone have it, but most people prefer to live in it, and I hate bring this up, I don't wish on it anyone, but that constant degradation and decay will ultimately lead to G. K. Chesterton referred to as "infinite falling." Again, I don't wish this on anyone, and neither did Our Lord for that matter, but well did He say that broad and wide is the way that leads to destruction and many there are who are traveling on it, and that road is easy to find.

Lord have mercy!

So yeah, I just needed to type and post this, because, I'm just so sick and tired of this. I don't know where this thread will go, but I hope it goes somewhere good and interesting.
Then you see it? I'm not Catholic but, even I can tell the churches got problems.
As did those in medevil times. The stories I read we're not good.
Sorry. Just saying the Catholic church has had problems before.
Well yeah, it's almost aways been in some kind of crisis, from the Arian crisis, to the Nestorian crisis, to the Avignon Schism, there was one Papacy where there was brief time of peace and no controversy or crisis, one of the Benedict Popes, I forget which one though.
On a lighter note, this venting did sort of help grease the wheels on the dialogue I'm writing for a chapter in one of the novel I'm working on, so that's one positive thing that came out of this venting.
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