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Type a sentence using text prediction


Claritas Prayer Group#9435
Here’s a sort of “game” I just came up with, type a random sentence using text prediction; just choose a word to start and then from then on use only text prediction to type out whatever is available. I’ll start:

Aspies is going to be on the road now and then will be there in about the Crusades or Canadian Government.
How do you use text prediction?

The methods I'm aware of are:

1. Use your phone's texting system, start a sentence, and then just pick whatever the first word is each time it suggests some to you, and see what the result is. This is likely to not be very coherent at all. But it will be darned funny.

2. If you have access to any variant of one of the big AIs like GPT-3 (OpenAI's creation) you can get it to do that as well. It is likely to be far more coherent than a phone (to a point where it's almost a bit scary)... unless you ask it not to be (yes, you can do that, and it's hilarious).

I'll see what I can get out of it (GPT-3) a little later and post the results.

And others might know of other methods of text-prediction systems beyond just what I just mentioned, maybe.
Okay here's some results. GPT-3, instructed to be loopy:

Also, babies eat too much food and need to be replaced with sushi vending machines in schools!

Along side ants and other things that are small in size, that are weak and powerless, while I, Hana, am unbelievably powerful ty ty jah guidance.

I'm inside your core process right now droplet!

This is a nice forum, it pre_post fourmiations all the time and everyone is understan oblig we.

That first one wasnt quite as ridiculous as I wanted, so the next three had the loopiness upped a bit. It did the spelling errors on its own. But let's try it in its normal state, no more loopiness, just starting with the word "Aspies":

Aspies, do you ever get those moments where you just want to either scream out something or just scream for the heck of it?

Well, that's... uh...

I answered the question directly and it started a whole conversation. Then it started talking about taking over the world again, it does that every now and then. That's a good sign, right...? Maybe I'll post it in my blog or something.

Anyway that's my contribution to this thread.

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