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The last thing you bought?

No Victor, you can never have too many books!! No such thing ;)
still(only had it three and two years )got to read but not easy
Trial new-1562754990.jpg
An American-made chimney for an antique Aladdin kerosene lamp.
These are a highly innovative form of oil lamp that uses a mantle like a Coleman lantern or a Welsbach light, and they were invented in 1908.
I don't have a big lamp budget so finding an antique, USA-made locking chimney for the Model B burner on my lamp is pretty cool.
A replacement left Valve Index Knuckle controller on eBay. I hope the person sends it and it works. It is for using VR (virtual reality) on my PC. Unfortunately the controllers for this system break a lot. This one did not last two months. I have never had any other thing I own break so often or easily.

The new VR systems are not out yet and I cannot know when they will be for sale. The Index is the I think best for now and I already own it. I did not want to put more money into it, I want to replace it with something new and better but this is a grey period: the current VR systems are old now but the new stuff is not yet available. So keeping what I have going seemed my only choice.

I am waiting to hear back from Steam - the part of Valve that makes the equipment, to respond to my request for a warranty replacement. They are not responding, I think eventually they will. I do not like them making it so hard for me to get help. If the controller I bought arrives and works it will mean I do not have to worry so much waiting for Steam to help.
A cotton corduroy Norfolk jacket.

These are much more structured than the average blazer and a lot more practical for running around outside doing stupid stuff (basically the way I live half the time.) Popular at the turn of the last century but now increasingly difficult to find. I've wanted one of these for awhile.

Yesterday I bought this cute little rubbery toy guinea pig dressed in a removable rubbery butterfly costume. There were many different costumed guinea pigs, but I liked the butterfly one best because of the flappy pink wings on it.


Hexagonal bolstered hammer thru screwdriver set.
The hex lets you apply more torque with a wrench as you strike the drivers with a hammer to shock loosen a stuck screw.
Update: the shirt and plushy arrived! The mangas also arrived too. ^_^


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Today, Alfred C. Gilbert M.D. decided that this needed added to my museum

Sold somewhere in the 30s and 40s, this is a fine example of what the A.C.Gilbert Company had to offer in their line of teaching "toys"



Attic fresh, as found

Unique to their line was very cleverly designed items that enhanced their usability.
How amazing is it that this survived all these years with D cell batteries from an era when they were sold for 15 cents?
A testament to their claim of being leakproof.
I remember as a kid if you left dead batteries in your toy or flashlight for a short while after the batteries were dead which was generally super quick, you no longer had a usable item.

What child doesn't need to play with carbon tetrachloride.
And for your pyrotechnic experiments, there was also a vial of potassium nitrate :p
Thionine sounds fun too.


Check this bad-boy out.
Don't see these anymore either.
Ain't it cool?

Even though there are some absent pieces, I sorted thru the case and placed most of the items inside back in their proper places.
She is ready to go on display soon!
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A chimney cleanout door. It's used to get access to the chimney so you can remove all the loose debris and crap after it has been swept. I have to chisel a old, very rusty hatch out of a chimney and install this one. So that's boring. Nothing to write home about.

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