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The last thing you bought?


Admin/Immoral Turpitude
Staff member
V.I.P Member
A cast brass elephant

'The old gal stands 21 inches tall at the tip of her trunk and weighs nearly 30 pounds


Admin/Immoral Turpitude
Staff member
V.I.P Member
Yep! They would have sold better if they marketed them more for researchers instead of children.

The A.C. Gilbert Company also invented the Erector set and the American Flyer electric train.
Gilbert also made chemistry sets and nitromethane fueled model airplanes and engines

NOS Gilbert .11 mounted on a homebuilt Gilbert Erector set airframe for display purposes:


charm & chaos
V.I.P Member
More cute dog bandanas:



These glasses:

This adorable Pointer puppy chasing his tail:


artist • poet • reader
V.I.P Member
That would probably have to be a kindle book of some kind, since it seems like I’m often picking one of them up from the daily deals page. I love being able to cart hundreds of books around with me for the weight and bulk of one.


Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
I stopped by a local antique mall I frequent occasionally... Purchased a nice vintage photo album to add to my collection, paid a fair bit for it but it has lots of interesting photos in it... On further inspection I believe all the photos are 1910's, as a few photos of soldiers depict men in Canadian uniforms from The Great War...


  • Photo Album 01.jpg
    Photo Album 01.jpg
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charm & chaos
V.I.P Member
Some random stuff from the past few weeks…
I used to only be able to spend $25-$50 at a time, but now I make like $1000 a week so I can spend more (within reason!)



Admin/Immoral Turpitude
Staff member
V.I.P Member
eight day clock.JPG

I forked over $5 for one of these at a yardsale on Friday.
It was mounted in a hand made stainless steel frame cut out just like the panel in an airplane.
It runs for short bursts, so it probably just needs cleaning.
I yanked it apart to expose the works, inspect it for corrosion and will likely send it for a dip in my ultrasonic cleaner real soon.
Working or not, this will be a welcome addition to my WWII trench art collection.
Cross your fingers that she will tick-tock again!


charm & chaos
V.I.P Member
I still can’t believe my budget used to be $25. I’ve come a long way lol

These are some extremely “high value” treats because some of my clients’ dogs are picky


And some new (supposedly indestructible) toys:


And some stuff for me lol
(These pictures are not me, they are from the brand websites)

I bought this shirt for Halloween but I think you would like it too @Silhouette Mirage

In case anyone doesn’t know, I’m obsessed with Halloween lol, it’s my favorite holiday!




Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
A black console table from Amazon. My living room is finally complete!

Console Table.jpg
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Well-Known Member
V.I.P Member
Omg your house is beautiful!
Thanks. Actually it's just a one bedroom apartment unit, but I like to think I have made it appear somewhat stylish. Though using black, teal and chrome accents I've been told it's very masculine....which I'll take as a compliment!

Living Room.jpg

Entertainment Center.jpg
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charm & chaos
V.I.P Member
Thanks. Actually it's just a one bedroom apartment unit, but I like to think I have made it appear somewhat stylish. Though using black I've been told it's very masculine....which I'll take as a compliment!

I’m still impressed! I have a one bedroom condo too but I’ve done my best with what I have. I think you saw the pics of my somewhat recent redesign.

Black furniture is really stylish! My bedroom has mostly black furniture.

The table looks great :)
One of my closest friends is in real estate and I like to help her with decorating/staging, so I think I have a somewhat decent feel for interior design. Everything in my house, I did myself.


May also contain missing cakes.
V.I.P Member
Something shiny...

I've had my eye on this for months but seeing as I had vouchers saved up I made use of them knocking a third off the price.

s-l1600 (1).jpg

To those who don't know what this is; this is a 100mm diameter four jaw self-centring lathe chuck with both sets of jaws. This size is no longer manufactured by this maker. I'll have to get a friend to fit it to a 5c collet backplate so I can use it on my lathe.

One more bit of tooling ticked off my list.


Admin/Immoral Turpitude
Staff member
V.I.P Member
N-gauge train set for $20
I want to set this up inside a glass topped table.
First I will have to play Hans the woodcrafter and construct the table.
Might do that when I build the replacement oak shelves for my vintage curio cabinet that is already holding some of my cast brass collection.
The oak has been sawn then jointed and I believe the color match will be appropriate, so next will be a day in the woodshop for that one.
The museum of oddities is a work in progress.

So much to do, and so little time :emojiconfused:



for me, earlier this afternoon I went across to the shop and bought a Dairy Milk chocolate Bar.

How about you guys? Can be anything.

Oh last week I ordered the Street Fighter 2 animated Japanese movie on Blu Ray, was dispatched from an Amazon Marketplace seller today.
A soda and some fidget toys

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